Friday, December 28, 2007

It has begun

We knew it was coming and it came. In a manner in which we were not fond of but what can you do? When you are told you are going to be delayed a couple of days and instead show up to work the day before you were supposed to leave and told, "Go home, get your bags, your leaving in two hours." Yeah, not what we wanted.

Dan came home packed those last few things he hadn't. Said one last family prayer and he was gone again in ten minutes. For the children anyway. I got to take him alone since my sister was still at my house from Christmas. I stayed for long as they would let me and for as long as I could see Dan in those buses they had crammed them into to take them to the plane.

I have already heard from him twice on the phone and one email. He is fine but tired.

Day full one was good. Worked out at the Y. Took the kids back a few hours later to swim with friends, she let me take off and do some clearance shopping. Stayed up till 1 am though, playing with my new ipod nano and I am not so good and going to bed alone at the beginning.

Day full two, eh. Still in my pajamas. I have done some cleaning. A lot of reading, I got five books for Christmas, yeah. Haven't even brushed my hair. DD had some weird non-descript illness, aches and a fever. Whatever.

I did find online on some other military blogs the donut of misery (some say hope). An excel thing that calculates how many days they have been gone, how many left, minutes, weeks, etc. I put in Dan's info. We have no idea when he'll be home, 2009 is a long way out to plan ahead but I just put it in for 450 days which is 15 months exactly. Just to ballpark it. I'll have to put it on when it actually shows something. Right now it says 0% done and fresh off the jet. So right now I'll keep my donut of misery to myself. I'll share it when it starts seeming like a Donut of Hope.

It has begun.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Six Things

I am pretty much skipping over Christmas, it was the same as everyone else's too much food, too many presents. But good all the same. Maybe pictures in a couple days.

So the six things is going around and I thought I'd give it a try. But I think this will be kind of hard for me now. Six things you might not know about me after me running my mouth off on this blog for over a year? I'll give it a whirl.

1. In elementary and one year in junior high, I "played" the violin. Quotation are used because I was very bad and could never get the hang of it. For some reason after I played it always felt like I had rosin in my mouth (rosin is a powder used on the bow). I hated that. Did I not keep my mouth closed while I played?

2. I've had my car broken into three times. Once someone forced their way in and stole stuff, CD player, organizer, that sort of stuff, but they left my CDs. They actually opened my CD holder and looked in it and then dropped it. My thief was a musical snob and didn't care for my type of music, whatever. Another time is my is my fault, I left my purse in the truck while I ran inside "real quick." I came back just two minutes later and my purse was gone. The last time is pretty much the same as the first. I still had my planner in there and two cell phones. I didn't learn my lesson from the first time. I have since, nothing gets left in the car and I always lock. The three times were in a 18 month period with two cars and all in Salt Lake City.

3. I have fake cried to men to get out of trouble. Another three times thing. Once at the LA county fair when my friends and I were spitting over the ski lift thingy that takes you around the fairgrounds. We got caught and they wanted to kick us out, bring on the waterworks and we were told to not do it again. Once when I got caught ditching school and was given Saturday school detention. I cried to my counselor that I just couldn't go to Saturday school (if my mom found out she'd take away my car) he gave me a few detentions in the office after school which I told my mom I had sectional practice those days. She seemed to have forgotten that I was section leader and therefor in charge of calling sectional practices. The other time was when I got caught shoving a paper clip into a electrical outlet during band in junior high. I cried to my band teacher and I didn't even get detention. A boy did it later that year in another class of mine and he got suspended. There are a lot of men out there who cannot handle a little girl crying and I looked like a little girl up until last year I think. Although crying did not get me out of my first speeding ticket, I was really crying. But I was also going 49 in a school zone, no hard feelings, Mr. Policeman.

4. Thanks to Gilmore Girls I love watching bad movies and TV. Dan and I will go to the video store for recommendations on the worst movie the clerk has ever seen. It normally takes a while for them to believe that we actually want to spend money on a bad movie. We love making fun of them. Our two favorite bad movies: Reign of Fire and Battlefield Earth. On TV we look for those made for TV disaster movies with some has been actor in the starring role, those are guaranteed enjoyable hours.

5. My shower curtain drives me crazy. I just recently bought a new liner and for some reason it doesn't stay down like the last one did. It billows up and touches me, yuck. Shaving is a joke. I am driven to distraction trying to get this thing to be still.

6. I keep tally marks on my books, so I'll know how many times I've read them. When I started doing it I had already read some of them a lot so I just under guessed and wrote in those marks. I have read Pride and Prejudice six times, Persuasion five, those are accurate marks. I had to guesstimate on Harry Potter but I have five on that one as well.

I tag no one, because I don't think I know anyone who hasn't already done it or who would do it even if tagged.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Partied Out

We are officially partied out and we still have two more to go to tomorrow and three next week. Christmas Party number three for me and three for Dan and that doesn't even count the Birthday parties. And we cut out the school program last night, it was all too much. Start times were just too close together we knew we were never going to make it happen. Watching a couple hundred kids, who I don't know and don't give a crap about sing We wish you a Merry Christmas five times in a row while one kid crosses his eyes and another picks his nose. Nah, cross that off.

Anyway, Dan had three work parties this week. We only had to go to two of them. One for his section, one for his unit, and one for his battalion (each one is bigger than the first one). Birthday Party and Ward Party tomorrow. Earlier this week was DD's B-day party (just with the family) and the Relief Society Christmas Thing (I at least got to play my horn for that one). I actually didn't mess up too bad either. Not bad for the last time I played was last Christmas.

Next week the kids have their class Christmas parties all on the same day and of course I signed up for stuff for all of them. No baking, though. Plate, napkins, store cookies, and money. And presents for all.

I'm feeling a little over-whelmed. I still haven't mailed my Christmas cards. I started working on them in October like a good little girl, like I do every year. The only thing holding me back now is DD's pictures, I get them on Monday. Those who don't get individual wallets of the kids, I still haven't even sent those out. I'm not going to get them out 'til Monday or Tuesday, is that too late? Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Immunizations, my foot

I sit here typing from Day 3 of quarantine. No everyone calm down, it is not the Shauntee Virus, geek check to all Heroes fans out there. Its the Pox. Not small or monkey, just chicken. In what Web MD refers to as a breakout infection (a person who has been immunized against it but gets it anyway), Innie has a small case of the Pox. Tuesday he kind of had a fever and a sore throat, we drugged him up and sent him to bed and thought nothing of it. The next morning it appeared he had a cold sore in his lip. I laid down the law for him, no sharing any one's cups, don't touch a lot of people, and wash your hands a lot more. As I am giving him his eye drops for his pinkeye infection he is getting over, nice right, I notice a bump on his forehead, still ignore it. We are now at the door rushing to be on time for the bus stop and getting Bug to preschool. Innie comes up to me and lifts up his shirt, "Its real itchy right here." He points to this general area of spots. I lift up his whole shirt and there they are in all their glory. Back and belly.

Well, no school for Innie. I get the other two to school. Call a nurse, she informs me that we all don't have to go into quarantine since they have had they immunizations and Dan and I have already had it. But they don't want to see us at the doctor's office to confirm that its the pox, thank you very much. "Oh, you'll be able to tell for sure in the next couple of days. Just bring him in if it looks like he is getting an infection."

Now DD is the school courier pigeon and I am a de facto home-schooler. We work on stuff that the school sends home during the day and I try to keep him busy besides that. We have done a little extra stuff, like studying the latest map from National Geographic that is about dinosaurs and making times table charts to hang on the wall of the craft room by where the kids do their homework. Other than those few burst of creative learning that we have had, its lots of legos and TV.

Yesterday, in DD package was get well cards from Innie's whole class. They were so cute. Some were funny. Innie remarked at one kid calling him his BFF, "that kid called me mean two days ago and now he thinks we are best friends, that's funny." He called him mean because Innie noticed that he had a sandwich in his lunch and most days he has other stuff, how rude of Innie. The best was the story a girl put in about when she had the pox and her sister teased her by always saying. "Boc, Boc" to her, she didn't think it was funny. We loved the idea and have been bocking at him ever since.

There was a lot of admonitions to not scratch, which I found interesting. Either a lot of kids have had it and know or the teacher said something. And why have so many kids had it, haven't they been given the shot too? Does this thing not work at all? Dan and I are so paranoid every time we see the other two scratch we are lifting up their shirt to see what they were scratching and we have been like groomer monkeys on each other, "Do you see anything?" Every itch makes me jumpy. Its the Pox, I tell you, the Pox. Although, we haven't had to deal with that much with Innie. He has been so good. I am pretty sure this is a light case but still I haven't seen him scratching once and he always comes to me and tells me where it is itching and waits patiently for the lotion to take affect. Such a weird little angel boy.

Here is the picture of Innie holding all his get well cards that we put in his Thank you card he sent back to school with the mule, DD, today.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Pictures

After dinner nap? Not quite, these two didn't even make it to dinner. Bug didn't even wake up when it was time to eat. My sister picked him up and put him back down and barely even a stir or a whimper came out of that little guy. He went on to sleep another hour and a half on that couch with us all around not even trying to be quiet. Bright side, no "Eat that" threats through out all Thanksgiving dinner. No complaints about no wanting to. Thanksgiving dinner was wolfed down in quiet gorging, the way the founders intended it.

Later that night, here they are in time-out for ripping a curtain rod out of the wall in their cousin's room while they acted like rabid monkeys.

The kids with my Dad, AKA Ukki to the kids. The next Monday as they left for school and the day he left back for SLC. Bug got over his old-person prejudice long enough to admit that he was going to miss him and complain about him having to go home at all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have some random questions I need some answers to. I have had them floating in my head forever now while I was in the kitchen, going oh, I'll put that in the blog. So instead of any orderly fashion or anything that makes sense I am just going to throw it out there to get it out of my skull.

Why are they billing episode 11 of Heroes as a Finale? Aren't seasons supposed to be 22 episodes long? Does anyone know something I don't? After the horribleness of last season and having to say goodbye to Gilmore my new obsession is Heroes. Its on season 2, they aren't deserting me too?

I called Dan on Nov 5 and left him a voicemail, he claimed to have never received it. I was all attitude at him about it and like whatever. Then when he was standing right next to me on Nov 11 his phone beeps out of his pocket out of nowhere. Its my voicemail. Where was it? What kind of adventures did it have during it 7 days of traveling from my phone to Dan's? Did it get stuck in someone else's phone before it realized it shouldn't be there? Or worse did it get stuck in someone? Yuck. Should I not think about a lost voicemail this much?

I picked up my Dad from the airport last Friday before Thanksgiving. I brought Bug with me so Dan could put the house back in some semblance of order before we got there. After we got him and we had been in the car with Ukki (grandfather in Finnish) for about 30 minutes Bug says, "If I think Ukki is old and creepy, I am gonna have to run away." When we finally got to our house, Bug informs me and Ukki that, "I don't think he is creepy." Does that mean he still thinks he is old? And where did my four year old get the idea of running away?

Why is the month before deployment so awful? Poor Dan. If he wants to do something that doesn't include me I want to freak out. "You are leaving for 15 months, don't you want to be with me?" Its like being pregnant, I am so psycho. The poor man can't spend every minute before he leaves with me but I feel like following him to the bathroom. I have a meeting to go to tonight and all I can think about is the time its taking away. I can't cram 15 months into one but can't seem to stop trying to.

We are still not done with the kitchen. But all the steam is gone. We are doing finishing work now but the list is still really long. And we keep running into those problems that you don't plan on like the laundry doors don't fit now that the floor is higher, so we have to get new doors. Now our goal is to just get it done before Christmas and Dan leaving.

There, I hope you enjoyed it being spewed at you all at once, now to the meeting I don't want to leave Dan for, what I baby I am becoming.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Renovation Madness

I am now officially going crazy. We are three days behind schedule on the kitchen and out of town family descends for Thanksgiving tomorrow. TOMORROW? What were we thinking doing this the weekend before my Dad comes? We thought we could get the tiling done on Monday. We laid the last tile last night at 9:30 p.m. We still haven't grouted. Or sealed. Or finished painting the cabinets. Or finished taking off the wallpaper on the top half of the wall. Or painted the bottom half. Or put anything remotely back in its place.

Right now we are eating in the craft room off of my craft table. The kitchen is in the living room which is completely filled up and the kids haven't step foot in the kitchen since last Thursday. They just stand in the doorway and play that sick car game, "Are we there yet?" "Can we come in yet?" NO! I will tell you, stop asking, stop asking, please make them stop asking. We finally decided last night to do a formal ribbon cutting ceremony for them for when they can come back into the kitchen since they are so dying to come in.

Meanwhile, in the past week I have only posted twice. Showered, I am ashamed to say how little I have showered. Been sleeping six hours, I am a solid 8-9 hours girl (very cranky person). Not eating well, have not worked out at all. Haven't been able to get the primer off my hands and arms for 24 hours. Don't think I have brushed my hair today. Stop using full sentence a while ago.

My Dad comes tomorrow and we will not be done, I have accepted it. My KY sister and her boys are also coming too. The thing that is really started to bug me though is... you know that when family comes you clean more for them than you ever do for your own family? When am I going to do that? The washer and dryer are in my living room. I spend a good part of Tuesday at a friends house doing laundry, the only break I've had besides Sunday. I haven't done any house cleaning.

One last thing, the kids are also neglected. We get them to school, hot lunch all week. They leave, we're in the kitchen. They come home, we're in the kitchen. They go to bed, we're in the kitchen. They sit at the little opening just to talk to us while we work. How sad.

Thanks for reading my rant. My back hurts, my arms hurt, my knees hurt. When will the madness end? Not today, break over, back to painting I go.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Three Kiddo Stories

Here are some of those things that kids do and say. There is one for each of my kids for the last couple of days.

Innie... 8 years old (turns 9 in Feb.)

We are driving in the truck at night and for some reason DD wants to book that Innie has even though neither of them can read it since it is so dark. Also, for some reason Innie won't give it to her and is relishing in the noises he is making his sister make. And now DD is complaining because he's not doing anything with the book so why won't he just let her have it? So I finally put my two cents in, "If you can't think of anything to do with it why not let your sister have it?" He responds in a very sweet, too sweet tone, "I can hug the book." DD starts to cry. I have officially taught one of my children sarcasm. Actually at that moment I turned to Dan and said, "I'm so proud."

DD... age 6 (turns 7 next month)

We are in day two of kitchen renovation, this is yesterday, and its time to mix some mortar for the subfloor. Dan brings out the mixer bit that fixes onto a drill, it is a huge beater thing that looks just like a hand mixer's little beaters. DD's eyes get huge and she jumps all over us, "Can I be the one to lick that when you're done?"

Bug... age 4 (turned 4 in July)

Background info, he is a Daddy's boy, I mean Daddy's boy. I am so low on the totem these days its not even funny. I used to pick him up and ask,"Are you my Buddy-Buddy?" He would always say yes and hug me. Then Dan left for the summer and since he has come back I am nothing. And I am more than a little jealous. All day long its just me and him, we do all sorts of fun things. I am so much more of a relaxed and better mom these days than I ever was when I had three pre-schoolers. I take him to the gas station and let him help me pump. Before I had a strict "you all stay in the car and you're going to not fight, kick, scream if you know what's good for you" policy. I don't spoil him but lets just say we might be border line with our youngest.
So we again are driving in the car and they are all acting up and I issue my vague, "Knock it off or you'll be busted," threat because I can't think of anything to take away off the cuff. So Dan says, "Lets bust their heads." We then threaten to bust everything from arms, legs, butts, eyeballs, and brains. When we stop we realize Bug is chanting in the back, "Kill Mom, Kill Mom." over and over again. I go, "Hey what's that about?" He says, "You were gonna bust my brains." My reply, "Well, Daddy wanted to bust your eyeballs." I thought I had him with this one since Bug prays everyday that we not poke each other in the eyeballs, we are not sure why. My smile was triumphant when he chanted, "Kill Dad..." but it quickly faded because the whole thing he said was, "Kill Dad, I mean Snuggle Dad, Snuggle Dad." I am back on the bottom.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of those days

As I am typing this with only my right hand and my left hand pinky and ring finger it will take me awhile to explain my day, especially with all this back spacing I am doing.

1. Started out easy enough. Doctor's appt. for me with Bug able to do a "Daddy Work Day." The other two did it when Dan was in the AF and now Bug is finally old enough to behave himself for a couple hours in a work environment. He was so excited to go to work.

2. I go to the Doctors to get some warts frozen, hence the gimpy typing. And some weird thing on my ankle. The doctor decided that cauterization was a better route than freezing. He burns my ankle without lidocaine and it sucked so when he asked if I wanted to do my fingers without, I decided why be a hero? I used drugs when the kids were born, I can use some now. Four needle sticks later on each side of the finger and all of a sudden I am feeling nauseous. The doctor starts asking me a question but he voice is strange, like a out of tune radio. Then I am getting dizzy but I am sitting down already. He then starts to burn the first wart, and I realize I can barely hear him at all anymore so time to speak up. "I'm feeling really dizzy and I can't really hear you." He instantly gets me on the bed and calls the nurse for some IV. He's talking to me and asking me questions but sometimes I can't answer. I thought that I held on but the doctor told me later than I was out for almost a minute. Man, I haven't passed out in almost ten years.

3. "Daddy work day" cut short by Dan having to pick me up and take me home after my IV is done. The bright side, Dan got the rest of the day off. I now have a headache and take a nap.

4. When I wake up and get up and about the kids have all written me notes and put them in the mail box for me. Notes like "One thing I love about Mom is..." The kind of things that make you love being a momma.

5. I get ready just in time for my first FRG meeting, a spouse group through Dan's work. Dan, of course, had to take me to my car at the hospital first. While at the meeting at Starbucks somehow I poured Hot Chocolate in my hair and almost reversed into one of the other women. I think I might have volunteered for some committee job, too.

6. I came home to find a whole pizza in the sink. Dan made dinner and decided to let them eat it in the basement in front of the TV, a rare treat. He opens the basement door holding the pizza on plates to find the basement completely dark. Sometimes the kids turn off the lights for spooky TV watching. He steps on the first step to find it is already occupied. While trying not to squish Innie to death he sort jumps and runs down the steps while the pizza goes flying all down the stairs and a little on the walls. Dinner was delayed to wait for the second pizza to cook. But they still got to eat downstairs.

Its only 8:30 p.m. I am exhausted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Well, we headed out to the Trunk or Treat Saturday at the Farm. Our Stake owns a farm, it is so cool. We do lots of activities there. They have a pavilion, barn, bathrooms, and tons of space. The kids had lots of fun, too much candy. Especially since Dan and I will be eating it while the kids are in bed.

The one downside, the costumes. Once again the kids wanted to be some obscure thing that no one had heard of. I didn't even know what they were talking about when they said they wanted to do people from Pucca, a Korean cartoon they like. Innie said he wanted to be Avio, DD wanted to be Pucca, and Bug was all excited to be Garu. Who? What is a Garu? What happened to the days when I knew all the words to the Dora show?

Oh right, that's what happened. I knew all the words to Blue's Clues, Dora, and way too many other things. And would find myself singing them on my own time. So I pulled back, put the parental locks on the TV to TV-PG and above so they can only watch 7 and below and took back my life.

So now here I am a little while later watching Pucca on purpose to make sketches for their costumes when I realize, I made an excellent choice. My world of news and books and "Momma shows" is just fine.

Here is a pictures of Pucca, Garu, and Avio...

Dan and I are the bad guys, the ninjas they fight all the time. I forgot to get a picture. So more pictures coming after Halloween.

But here is a link to YouTube to show you some Pucca, if you just watch the opening credits you see all the characters. The opening credits is all you need to see to get the gist of the show.

I tried and I tried to embed but I guess I am still clueless. I could not get it to work. I will remain low-tech forever.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Haiku

Sunday nap ruined
By an hourly beeping watch
Left on Daniel's wrist.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Quarter is Over

Just a quick Mom brag. First quarter just ended and both kids made honor roll. Innie made AB honor roll. DD made Principal's Honor Roll, all A's, and Perfect Attendence. We went to the awards ceremonies and the best thing was watching their faces as they realized that we were there to see them. I love that look.

I am so happy

Yesterday, Dan and I had a date. It revolved around a Hail and Farewell, that's a work function for you non-military people, but what do I care it had no kids. When it was over it was too late to see a movie, our date stand-by and besides there is nothing out right now. So we did our other standby, Home Depot. We walk around and dream about all the things that we want to do to the house. Except we have actually moved into planning phase! The other day there was a pallet sale at a tile outlet store and we bought enough tile to do the kitchen and both bathrooms for about $1500 less than it should have been. So we went to the Depot to find out about the tiling class. We are clueless about tiling but we are still determined to do it ourselves for the fun, the exasperation of it all, and, oh, its so much cheaper. Talk about saving another $1500 on installation. That is one reason I am so happy. We should get started next weekend on the tile in the kitchen.

Here's the tile...

The next reason is actually because of Wal-mart. I don't think I have ever typed or said that sentence before. We went there next to buy the last couple of things we needed for the kids costumes, Trunk or Treat tonight. And Dan decided he had to have some OJ, some sort of Flu-mist craving. So I went to the dairy just to check if maybe just maybe they might have it. Stores start carrying it in October but the Commissary had already let me down so I was nervous. But Wal-mart didn't let me down, which on some level, they almost always do which is why I try to go to Target but I needed some sewing notions and I had a gift card. Anyway, I ramble.

They had it, EGG NOG. I am not a happy holiday season type person. I get the after Halloween blues but Egg Nog is the one thing that can always brighten me up. It is that one holiday thing that comes with no expectations, just buy me and I will give you high-caloric bliss. So I did. I bought a quart, no sense in going crazy, I am still trying to lose weight. But now I can do my two favorite things, just take a glass of egg nog watered down with a little skim milk or when I really want to just let loose an Egg Nog shake, Nog mixed in with Vanilla Ice Cream. And I just happen to have Vanilla in the freezer, I love when everything aligns for my benefit.

I am so happy.

Side-note, I just spell-checked, the computer doesn't have Nog in their database but it does have Snog. Why is that?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dan's Blog

Dan and Bug were laying on the bed today and Bug informed him that, "When you get old we gotta get rid of you." Which is good for me, I have been wanted to exchanged Dan for a younger model for a while now. Bad luck for Dan though.

On an unrelated topic, Dan has been bitten by the blog bug. And the only cure is to stop reading over my shoulder and get his own. So he did. He also though it would be good for the deployment and all that. Whatever.

So his blog, if anyone is interested in checking it out it is on bloggger at bahdabeedah.

Dan has already explained his name on his first post so you have to go there to find out. Interested?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Haiku

The longest day is
Staying home on a Sunday
With three kids with coughs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy 10th Daniel. Yesterday 10 years ago Dan and I went on our first date. Training Table for dinner, then a Haunted House (my first one), and then we drove to Mount Olympus (also another first).

A few days before this I asked Dan after work if he wanted to "hang out." We went to his apartment and watch Clueless, when it was over we just kept talking, let the video rewind itself and ignored the TV for the next few hours. We talked the rest of the night. I actually mean that. I got home at 7 a.m., my roommate was not happy. She was my older sister.

Dan had a date that next night, one of about three after his mission. At work the next day he asked me what he should do on the date. I played all the sly moves. "Well, that depends on what message you want to send her. Do you like her?" His answer, "No, I didn't really mean to ask her out, I just asked if she wanted to drive together to Stake conference and she made it sound like a date." That answer satisfied me to give him some excellent advice which follows. Dan, "Should I take her to a Haunted House?" Me, "Oh no, she'll be all over you, grab your hand when she gets scared and all that." Dan, "Right, I better not do that." Me, "Right, just dinner and Stake conference, just keep it friendly and short." And he did.

The next day he asked me to go out the following Wednesday. Dan,"What would you like to do?" Me, "I've never been to a Haunted House before." Dan didn't catch on to what I had done until we had been married about three years and I told the story to a bunch of friends. And, yes, I was all over him every time I got scared.

Dan proposed two weeks later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What kids really think.

To escape the quiet jail of our house during fall break we did finally go to my sister's in KY. We had a great time by the way. See pictures below of our trip to the Nashville Zoo. It was so nice to be loud in a house again. What wasn't fun was being called home by Dan to "come take care of me, I'm sick." I am not a nice nurse. I'll do it. Make chicken noodle. Take you to the doctor. Make the bed. But it is a given that I will be cranky while I do it. No one would ever pull a Florence Nightengale syndrome on me, that's for sure. And of course, he got me sick.

Anyway, the point. What kids think. While I am at my sister's, my kids and their cousins are playing in a room and I can hear them having a kid conversation. Here's how it goes...

DD, "My Mom is 29. My Dad is 32."

9 year old nephew, "My mom is like 38."

DD, "Whoa!!"

Newphew, "My Dad is 40.

DD, "That's impossible!!"

Remember when 40 was impossible? My father was 41 when I was born so 40 was always just old not impossible. But now siblings are this age or knocking at it. To my daughter though, it is impossible. My sister and brother in law got a kick out of being a whoa and an impossible.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just to start off, Dan says some awesome things. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. This is not to embarrass him, it is for everyone to enjoy, including me. Dan is so much fun to have around. He is the classic example of speaking before you think. He never says these things with harmful intent they just sound so awful when they first come out.

So here are the top five:

5. Dan thinks that we need to give the children more chores now that they are getting older. More helping to clean the house and that sort of thing. I responded with that I understood that they should help more but it was hard as a housewife to let them since it feel like if I let them clean the house I am letting them do my job and then what do I do? His response, "Just think of all the deep cleaning that you could do."

4. Everyone who knows me knows I don't wear shorts but moving to the south has made me rethink that rule. However, I don't even have any. So one day I raided Dan's drawers looking for shorts and actually found a pair that fit. I was very excited to find a pair that fit and attributed this success to my recent weight loss. So I called Dan on the phone to crow about it, he asked, "What shorts?" I then explained the blue ones, the ones he doesn't wear often, his response, "Oh yeah, they're way too huge."

3. When we were living in the great white north we got caught in a wind storm and eventually rolled the truck into a ditch. With the truck on its side and me dangling in the air, Dan says, "Well, what do we do now?" Me, "Call 911," His response, "But its not an emergency."

2. One day Dan and I were just talking and we got to talking about DD and when she grows up. Dan started to say things like what if DD grows up and this happens and what if that happens. He was thinking about DD in junior high but didn't say he was thinking of her at this age when he says, "What if she grows up and is X lbs?" The X lbs he stated just happened to be what I weighed at the time.


1. We were in the bathroom getting ready for bed one night. I am about 7-8 months pregnant with DD. I am looking at the toilet and thinking I then say to Dan, "How do really obese people fit on toilets?" His response, "You fit just fine dear."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall Break?

I had never heard of such a thing but yet here we are enjoying fall break, sort of. I have the kids but not Dan. He is on 12 hour shift graveyards, last week and this. Man, it is not fun. Last week it wasn't so bad, just keeping Bug in the basement and quiet and Dan would wake up around the time Innie and DD got home from school. But all three quiet on vacation until 4p.m.?

And now Dan has taken to sleeping in the basement since it has no windows and is so dark and cool. He sleeps better, he has been overheating during the day since we have been in the high 80s and 90s here. ARGGH!! So now all three quiet while we are above him.

I could send them upstairs to their rooms but we don't keep toys in their rooms, the toy area, of course is in the basement. I decided to just get out of town for a few days since we only see Dan for about two hours a day anyway. So off to see my sister in KY, but my nephew now has an infection. Man alive, fall break rules. He's on antibiotics now so maybe not all is lost we still might be able to head out tomorrow or the next day.

So now we just wait and be quiet. Just knowing that Dan will go to normal work next week. And they will be going on block leave in November for like all of November before the deployment. We are not sure if Dan will be able to take all of November off, he doesn't have that much leave and with joining the unit late there is some training he needs to get caught up on. But at least two weeks, we hope.

Well, Fall Break. Never heard of it, sounded fun. Now I am not so sure. Tip-toeing around the house, getting ready for a deployment, can't go to my sister's, did I leave anything else out of my pathetic life? Any be quiet tips? I can only stay at the Y so long in the mornings.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Our First Project

When we bought our home we knew we bought a house that needed a little love. Our carpet is gross. The kitchen is awful, that is the first to go. The basement we call the Brady den, even though our house was built in 1994, we still haven't quite figured that one out. But we have started at least. You can see a little the two colors happening on my kitchen wall, the white and the tan. The tan is actually wallpaper glue that I am still working on, one slow strip at a time. The white is actually wall that I have found. The wallpaper in the kitchen is this tiny-blue flowered monstroity that I can bear to look at anymore. I have to post a picture before I tear it all down.
Anyway the point of this picture is our first mini-project down. Our laundry area. It had only one shelf, an unpainted unreachable thing for my 5 foot 4 inch frame anyway. Dan put up some shelves and I actually got to organized my cleaning products and make it look pretty. Now I can open my doors and just gaze at the prettiness. One down, we haven't counted how many to go.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been tagged by Pookieville to answer these questions so here is goes:

1. What I was doing 10 years ago: I was working at the Olive Garden in Salt Lake City. I was living in Provo, Utah just about to move into an apartment with my brother, Derrrick and sister Karrina in Salt Lake. I would stay over at my Grandparents in Sugarhouse if I didn't want to drive all the way back to Provo that night. It was only a few days ago that I met a returned missionary named Dan as he came in to get his interview for a server position. We were only a month and a half off from getting engaged.

2. Five years ago: Dan was one month into the US Air Force and we were living at Vandenberg AFB, CA. Innie was 3 1/2 and DD was 20 months. I was one month off getting pregnant with Bug. I was loving that Dan was graduated and done with the U. I loved living just four hours from Ontario and made the trip a few times the six months we lived there. My father and sister, Jenny still lived in California backed then. So did my best friend Lisa.

3. One year ago: We were in Minot, ND we were trying to sell our house and were waiting for the final word from the US Army that Dan had been accepted. We had no idea where we would be moving but knew we had to move in the next few weeks. Innie was 7 1/2, DD almost 6, and Bug 3. I was just freaking out. We got our orders within a couple days of selling the house with a report date of two weeks from when we got them. We moved to Fort Lee, VA within two weeks and stayed there 7 months.

4. Yesterday: Got Innie and DD on the bus the I worked out at the Y, it was an arms and back weight day. Then 30 minutes of cardio and abs. Then I tinkered around at home with Bug and Dan got home early since he is still in-processing here. When the kids got home from school we went back to the Y and went swimming since it was like 90 yesterday. Came home, homework, which DD only had a 15 minute meltdown about this time, lost playing on the computer for 3 days, and ate dinner. Put the kids to bed, and watched TV. Fascinating.

5. 5 Snacks I enjoy: Yogurt, Sour Cream and Onion Lays with Cottage Cheese, Dove Dark Chocolate, and two things I can't have often but love Killian corn and 7-layer cookie.

6. 5 things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: Have Dan retire, get out of debt, help family, build three houses : beach, mountain, and everyday, become a marine biologist.

7. 5 locations I would like to run away to: Europe, Finland in particular, Hawaii, Australia, and Montana.

8. 5 bad habits I have: I yell, I'm not nice, I'm sarcastic, I'm cocky, and when I play the piano and lose my place I scratch my face until I can find my spot again.

9. 5 things I like doing: Reading, Swimming, Blogging, Watching TV, being with Dan.

10. 5 TV shows I like: Gilmore Girls, Heroes, The Office, ABC news with Charles Gibson, and Beauty and the Geek.

11. 5 things I hate doing: Laundry, Dishes (although I love it when they are both done, the 5 seconds that they stay done), punishing the children, yard work, and dealing with stupid people.

12. 5 biggest joys of the moment: 8:30 p.m. (bedtime) that's when I get Dan to myself the kids are still all over him and I don't exist, watching the scale numbers go down I just wish they would go down faster, listening to DD read, hearing Innie do math in his head, and watching Bug hug his Dad.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parenting Tips

Here are some things that I have noticed that I have done as a parent mainly just to survive. Some things I have done on the fly. Some things I am mortified to admit that I have done.

1. I have hid in a dark locked bathroom from my children for alone time.

2. Forgive me, I have said, "I'll give you something to cry about."

3. We have discovered there is a golden age where when a child comes crying to you, you can act asleep. The golden age is where they will tip toe away. Do it too young they poke you in the eye, too old they know you're faking and start to jump on you.

4. I have used SNL Jack Handley Deep Thoughts on my kids for my own pleasure. Example: Bug, "Mom, why is the playground broken?" Me, "Probably something you did."

5. We have used infant startle reflexes for fun.

6. We have used our children for our own amusement far too many times to mention one by one, like making them wrestle, or wrapping them in pillows and having them run at each other. Just two examples.

7. You can close an infants eyes manually and they will sometimes go to sleep.

8. Cereal and Milk served at 6 p.m. is all about presentation. If you are excited they will be too.

9. To finish Harry Potter in one day takes a lot of advanced planning. New movies and a lot of snack food.

10. I knew I no longer had any babies in the house when I no longer said, "Don't do that to your baby brother," and it changed to, "Oh stop crying, just go hit him back, then he won't do it again."

I hope my wisdom benefits someone as it has probably messed up my children.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all

Happy Fall. I wanted to wish everyone a joyous equinox while the earth is still slightly off kilter. Lets all remember to do something fun with it. Here is the reward of my hard work. What will you do with your equinox?

To Cut or Not to Cut

Here I am again. Back to the age old question, what do I do with my long hair? I reached one milestone I don't know if I have ever reached before, I got through a TDY without doing something to it. Dan made me promise I wouldn't cut it off while he was gone. He has come home to a blond when he left a semi-brunette. He has come home to a wife with 7-8 inches shorter hair then when he left. I even got rid of a perm once while he was gone, everyone was glad about that one. That option is not on the table, by the way. There is something about him being gone that makes be get bored with my hair and then want to do something drastic.

You hear those stories all the time of the wives who can point to a piece of furniture or a painted room and say I did that when so-and-s0 was at so-and-so. I can't do that. My TDY habit at least is slightly cheaper. But now that he is home and I kept my promise I can do something to it, right?

I am open to suggestions. I am a hair, make-up clueless kind of person. My hair right now is the same more or less that it has been my whole life. My high school so-cal beach hair. I am just not blond anymore. I don't wear make-up, I only curl for church. My hair is straight, and I mean straight. I can put my hair in a bun wet after a shower and pull it out hours later to brush it for the first time and it doesn't look all that different than if I had blow-dried it. It will hold a slight curl under but mega curl, not so much. So I don't do much for it and we basically leave each other alone. I wear it down almost everyday except for cooking then we ride the pony express.

So here are the family votes, Dan is firmly against any sort of cut, he likes it long, you know, no change, when we met my hair was long so long it must stay. DD is in the long camp also, because all princesses have long hair. I have no idea where Innie and Bug are, I think they would go in the we don't care or wouldn't notice camp.

I am including a picture of my now hair so you all can appreciate how long my hair is now and a picture from the last time I chopped it all off, Jan 06, so you can also see how quickly it grows back. I have had haircuts, of course, in between then and now and still here's the difference. Sorry about the before, you know how often Moms are actually in pictures, I was lucky to find this one of me at Camp Snoopy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quiet House

My house is quiet and very creepy. The two youngest are in bed, on time and with no arguements. Dan took Innie to Cub scouts, I didn't have to take all of the kids and make them stay up late and then behave and not run like animals all over the church. I am just in my house. Its so weird. This peace, this quiet, I absolutely have no idea what to do.

So I blog. I read other people's made a few comments and then the quiet really started to freak me out. I feel like this is one of those times that we get a glimpse into our future and I don't know what to do with it. With Dan maybe leaving again, this could be my nights for a long time. All this alone time after ten years of never being alone, seems crazy and cruel.

So I just live life now in my head and with my keyboard? Living for comments that I am already starved for. I know what I'll do, I'll head back to school, scrapbook, volunteer, go to church, do my callings, fill time. This weird feeling will come and go probably timed with Dan's coming and goings.

Wow, I know that this post is a little strange but I have this blog to vent as much as to keep people up to date. So now you all are up to date with my latest anxiety as well as my toilet issues.

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Blog Security Measures

I got a great tip from my blog mentor. I just spent the last hour removing the children's name from the blog. We will not only refer to the "children" in code. Its so funny but you all can probably see the practicality in it right away. In my profile it says what city I live in, what my name is, and if you Google my name even my maiden name my blog is first and only on the list since my name is spelled too weird to give me competition. So then I post pictures of my children on the blog and then tell you all about them. So we will just not give out anymore info about them. So your job now is to remember their nicknames, won't be hard, and then use them in your comments. However, I will be updating their code names on a regular basis and whether or not you get their new names will tell you your security level. After I have changed their names if you receive confirmation of the change within 24 hours then you have the highest clearance, 48 hrs not so much, 72 hrs just be glad I thought of you, and after that stop reading the blog because I have no idea who you are. Now have I taken this too far?
Oh yeah, names. My first is Innie, male. Next in line is DD, pretty princess, I think you can all guess the gender, and last is Bug also male.
One last thing, I seem to be a little blog addicted this week and am quite enjoying it but it won't last. Since no one noticed my subtle count down on the side under my picture this is also to tell you to not expect to hear from me for a few days as Dan is coming home today. He got his orders yesterday. We were pretty sure they were coming by Tuesday but you cannot be sure, this is the Army we are dealing with. Anyway, orders Thursday, home Friday not bad. We haven't told the kids, we are going to surprise them tonight when he comes through the door tonight, do a movie night and head to the Lake tomorrow. Then, of course, he reports to the 101st sustainment brigade first thing Monday Monday morning.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My ode to the Commode

La toilet. The latrine. The can. It really isn't something you think about until it makes you think about it. But somehow the past two days have all been about the toilet in the Haddox home.
Bug has had some non-descript fever and a couple of throw-up scares where we have rushed off to stand over the bowl to no avail which only makes you realise, "Man, I need to clean the toilet again." So last night I went around and clean the bathrooms. Only to discover my brand new scrubber has already betrayed me, the tip has pushed down to leave metal exposed and leave scratches on my upstairs bowl. Which is having its own set of troubles. In our heatwave the water reservoir become too low and contaminated with algae, which has caused our water to taste awful. We have installed a filter on the faucet but the upstairs toilet has since needed a cleaning very often since the bowl turns green in a few days time, not the downstairs just up, its weird.
Anyway, the point of my ode is this, there are a few things I am thankful for and I realized them this evening as I stood over the downstairs toilet saying, ''No, go down, go down," the mantra all have prayed at one flush or another. DD had called me in saying the toilet won't flush so I just walked in and pulled the lever and then began the chanting. I raised the lid as I watched in horror as the liquid no one ever wants to come in contact with reached that point of no return.
Here are the things I am thankful for.
-Sandals, I don't wear footwear in the home often. The kids had just gotten home from school so I had met them from the bus about an hour previously. Without them, there would be no humor here.
-My home in Minot, it had a toilet that clogged often but didn't overflow, the training that Dan and that house gave me prepared me for this Day of Days.
-Lower-tiered towels, you all have them, the beach towels, the ragged towels, my not pretty anymore towels that happened to be clean and folded and in the closet that is next to the offending toilet.
-Plungers, once again everything aligned the plunger is kept in this bathroom.
-Dan, who taught me to use a plunger without fear.
-And lastly, Washing machines, that can wipe out the smells and horrors of this day so quickly and completely.
I am so glad I can share my travails with you because there are somethings that just can't be lived alone.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Who knew?

I've been tagged to post 5 things you might not know about me and I've decided to do this up right and be very confessional...

1. I have been known to watch Beverly Hills 90210. Not just as a teenager, I didn't ever watch it as a teenager, I mean like a couple weeks ago.

2. I have an innie and an outie belly button. I can pull my belly button out.

3. I have lost 10 lbs this summer. Not confessional, just bragging.

4. I miss North Dakota so much it hurts. Dan researches Guards jobs there at least once a month and has even made contacts there. We would do almost anything to move back. That one still surprises me. I haven't changed the car or truck plates and I don't intend to.

5. I am the only, and I mean only one who spends money in the family. Dan and I recently decided that we have to get out of debt quicker than we are so we made a lot of hard decisions. We let go of some luxury items, like Bug's preschool, its up to me now, and some cable channels, no more Jon Stewart, I miss him so much. But everything we let go only affected my life. What could Dan cut back on? Nothing, well, coming home once a month would save some gas money, but we decided against that one. Literally he spends no extra money. It is all me, my scrapbooking, my Y membership(I didn't give that up), my TV shows, my Time magazine, my other magazine. Man, did I feel like a heel. Oh well. I just have to come to grips with the fact that Dan is my polar money opposite. We have already set our first goal. We should have our first thing paid off with all the extra money we are saving by next spring then we will get a little reward, I get my Jon Stewart back.

Anyway, nothing too shocking I hope besides the 90210 thing, I figured I better start out with the most shocking and go from there. Thanks, Nikki, that felt good to get off my chest I had been hiding that shameful secret for too long and now begins the recovery, Melrose Place.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Update Type Stuff

I am feeling less melodramatic so I can fill you guys in from the stupid panic-stricken cryptic post from a while back. Most of you know the gist of general stuff now anyway. Dan will not be deploying with his team to Iraq. His old back injury flared up on him again, I guess wearing 60 lbs of body armor the majority of the day will do that to a back. He is already doing much better now, he will be back to running in a few days. He should be back to full PT in a couple months maybe a few weeks. Right now we are playing the waiting game on his new orders. His branch manager says that she has a slot for him here at Campbell which is what we want, what with the brand new mortgage and schools and all that. His paperwork should have been released from Riley already or will be any day now. Then it heads on to her desk and she can cut orders. Once Dan has his orders he can out-process at Riley and come home. Until then he has to stay at Riley and we still just see him once a month like we have been all summer. Though he did surprise me and wrangle a pass for my birthday this past weekend, and he is on his way home now so two weekends in a row, we are getting quite spoiled. The kids and I are praying everyday that he can come home. There is only one concern about him getting here too soon. Fort Campbell is getting ready to deploy so if Dan gets his orders at the right time and he heals at the right time a deployment this year or very soon thereafter is not out of the question. Well, nothing has been in our hands so far, so its too late to start thinking that they are now. Between our Heavenly Father and the government, well, what can I say.

Monday, August 20, 2007

All my kids in school

Yesterday I told Bug, "Tomorrow you start Preschool." His reply,"When I start preschool do I get to go to school forever now?" Why, yes, Bug you do. That's when it really hit me, oh man. My kids are in school forever now. Next year he goes full-time to kindergarten, this year it is only for three hours three days and today it was forever. I went to the Y, did cardio for 45 min, swam for 30 min, sat in the hot tub, came home, showered, blow dried my hair, I never do that, and was still early to pick him up. Now mind you, I showered with the stereo blasting some Ska which was fun. I think I'll adapt but anyway, cute little Bug he came running to me and hugged me and then, of course asked for the bus. He won't seem to accept that I am the bus and that he doesn't take one until next year. But when we got home this was the good one, he didn't want to walk to the front door because, "I am so tired I have been walking all day." He got worked his first day of preschool. Here are those traditional Haddox family first day front porch pictures I promised and one of all three.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Time?

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Its that time already? This place is so weird. My nephews in Kentucky actually started a week before Innie and DD did. Anyway, back to school time. It was time. The kids had the longest summer, they were ready to go back. We pulled them out of school about a month and a half early last year. So they had May, June, and July off. I'm glad school started early August, I'm just not glad about it being so hot, I mean melty hot. Do you know what four years in ND does to a person's wardrobe? It makes it impossible for them to move to TN, that's what. Almost every shirt I own goes with another shirt. I don't own any shorts, I don't think I would wear them anyway. I own maybe two or three capris. I wear jeans, that's it, Jeans. Yesterday it was 105 at 5 p.m. that's without knowing the heat index or humidity and all that other nonsense.
I think I might have gotten off on a tangent. So the kids are back in school, right? They a enjoying themselves, they like their teachers. They just can't play outside for recess because its too hot. But we've been here before and its a dangerous road. Enjoy the pictures of those cute little excited faces.

Always posing, my little DD.

He's getting too cool, this one.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, I have no idea how much to share so this is going to be a very cryptic post. There has been some stuff going on with Dan and his training for a few weeks now that we have been keeping to ourselves. Now everything has quite exploded on us. We got the news today that is at the same time good and the very worst thing we wanted to hear. I am sorry to not tell you yet but nothing is official yet so I can't say, but, man we really need some prayers. Dan's career is really on the line here and it is completely out of our hands. Everything came down to a twist of fate which means that it was completely in our Heavenly Father's control. Once the official word comes down I promise to explain but in the mean time we need your prayers. Dan needs some new orders and only one or two options will save us right now, Campbell or Nashville. I'll keep you posted as soon as I can.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Picutres, yeah!

Finally some pictures, my computer still won't read my camera so I had to go to Target and get them all burned to a disc before I could do this. I hope you all appreciate the work I do for you. I accept payment in the form of comments. Have I mentioned before how much I love comments. You would think then that I would leave more so as to encourage more mutual comment leaving on everyone's blogs but yet somehow I still don't do it that often. I seem to still be waiting for life to calm down so I can have more time, maybe I need to accept that that is not going to happen until Dan comes home.

Easter 2007.
Our front yard at Fort Lee.
Out consummate Lady DD.

Daddy and Bug at Busch Gardens.
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.

The kids playing at the statue of John Smith at Jamestown during the 400th Anniversary.

Daddy and Innie at Virginia Beach.
This is another one of my favorite pictures.

The 4th of July.
The kids enjoying the firework show at Fort Campbell.
I love them all covering their ears.
That means that they are doing the show right.

Bug's 4th birthday.
My baby is four. I am really confused as to how this happened.

The water park.
This was one of Dan's four day weekends when he got to come home. The kids stayed on the lazy river almost the whole time. Dan had to keep his shirt on all day so no one would accidentally touch his still healing small pox vaccination and then catch it and kill half the country. Wasn't that so considerate of him. He is so nice.

And finally, our house.
Cute, huh?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter 7 Review

Don't worry, no spoliers, I'm not like that. I loved it. It took me the whole day to read though. Slightly longer time than the last one, I was in Indainapolis with my best friend so we were busy. I helped her with her Garage Sale, we went to the pool, and we went out Saturday night to celebrate her birthday so you can see why it took the whole day to read it. Anyway, the book way so great. I boobed a few times, bit my nails a few other times, and loved the ending. Not at all what I was expecting but so worthwhile. J.K. did a bang up job. Answered lots of good questions and left just enough unanswered to drive me batty till the end of my days. Please, everyone who has read it I need to talk. I told Dan all about it, he doesn't read them so its not that sastifying. The book club that is discussing it isn't until next month. I'm going mad. Its like the end of Gilmore all over again. Except I'm not sure which is worse. I guess Ms. Furtado got something right, "Why must all good things come to an end?" At least this isn't completely over, I still get to read it again and again... And we still get a couple more years for the last two movies. This one is going to be the best movie.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is just a test to get this picture on my profile, you can just ignore.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey Lucy, I'm Home

Since all I post about is the status of my homelife here it goes. I have a home. We found a house. Yeah! Last Monday I went out on the hunt again and after letting an offer on a house in Clarksville, TN expire, they were unable to deal since they had only been in the house for about a year. On Monday I saw a house that was bigger and better than the house that we were originally buying in Kentucky. So I made an offer. Long story short- we moved in on Friday. We never cancelled the movers from the first house because of wishful thinking so we were able to just change the address of delivery and get our stuff on the day we moved in. And to complete that "it was meant to be" feeling, Dan had a four day pass that weekend and pulled up to the house about half an hour after the movers did to see his new house that I bought for him for Father's Day, especially since I had forgetten it was Father's Day and hadn't gotten him anything else. After sleeping on my 11 year old nephew's bed and in the same room as the kids for a few weeks all I was thinking about was getting the kids room's set up and getting them in their own rooms. It was like Christmas opening up these boxes after a month and a half, I tell you what. So now we are in the process of settling into the house and trying to get adjusted to life. Scouts and whatnot. I'm just so glad its summer and I don't have to rush them straight into school.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Here's one

So the Kentucky house is gone. We got the inspection report back. Nine pages later, and I panicked. The builder was starting to refuse to fix the things that showed up on the report saying that things were in code and the inspector was wrong. I couldn't take it anymore and I realized that this house was a beautiful house of cards. I couldn't fight this builder anymore. He was not about making houses just making money. Oh well. So we are looking a houses again. There was a house in Tennesee that Dan really liked so we are looking into that one. Wish us luck and

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Homeless

Sorry, everybody, no news. I still don't have a computer, or a phone number, or a home for that matter. Well, I still have my cell phone. Any there is some news, Dan started his deployment. The house is almost done. The inspection is tomorrow. The closing is set for Monday. I should be moving in on Monday. Our stuff is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. And because at least one thing seems to be falling into place, Dan has a four-day weekend that weekend so he is going to come home and be with us for that. Which will be good since there is a whole mess of stuff he needs to get from all the boxes and the gas will end up cost just as much as shipping probably would. And besides, this way Dan will actually get to see his house at least. Dan also has a big break around the 4th of July so he can come home for that also, right for Bug's birthday. Then we will go out to Kansas and see him before he leaves for Kuwait in August/Sept whenever it is that they end up sending him. All in all I am ready for my house but things are good at my sister's. She has been so great. We never could have lasted in a hotel this long. But I am ready to move on just the same, go to my ward, find my gym, and get started on the next phase of life. This limbo part of life needs to be done.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Terrible News

This is the second worst news to hit the Haddox home in 2007. First -Dan is deploying to Iraq. Second - Gilmore Girls is over. Did you hear me? OVER. Here I am just getting ready for another exciting season finale and they show a commercial that says Series Finale. One week notice? That's all they give someone after devoting seven years of my life? I can't even begin to explain how distraught I am. What am I supposed to do next year? With Dan gone all I was looking forward to was Gilmore, now I have nothing. NOTHING. I have been thinking about starting a support group for anyone interested, please leave your comments below, only comments of support please. This is a time of serious bereavement. By the way, the third worst news to hit the Haddox family is that our house closing has been pushed back and we are now homeless. We are staying at my sister Jenny's house. We will be moving to lodging on Fort Campbell before long. Well, last it, I am all out of words.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving Update

Well we are getting short here. The packers, movers, and cleaners are all scheduled. The packers come on May 1st, the movers May 3rd, and the cleaner May 4th. We decided to go with a cleaner this time. We have always done it ourselves but we have heard horror stories about housing here and hoe they treat people who attempt to clean themselves. $200 and no hassles. Once the house is empty housing comes over with the cleaner and we are signed out and done with the whole thing. We are then going on a week vacation. We will be in Williamsburg, VA. We are going to Busch Gardens, to a Water Park, to Virginia Beach, to Yorktown, to Jamestown, and lots of pool time, of course. Now I was planning on flying out this June with the kids for about two weeks and going to California while we were so close. But someone told me that I should spring for the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen in the new house. The thousand dollars for the appliances is about what I was going to pay for airfare but the more I think about it the more I realise stainless steel is the way to go. The kids can see their cousins later. My Grandmother will turn 75 again, that party is a surprise so shhh. And Disneyland and Sea World are not going out of business anytime soon, so thanks Mom, for helping me make that decision.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Our home

Well, here it is. This is our house. As you can see, a work in progress. When I saw it in mid-march it was all ply-wood. It did have the tubs in but that was it. My realtor will be sending me update pictures as it gets doors, driveway, yard, and stuff like that.
Down below is the kitchen, by far the largest kitchen we have ever had. I am so excited. Our whole family can be in it without touching. That will be something. This is the picture of the kitchen from the house that we didn't get but it will be the same, except for the appliances, we didn't want to pay the extra thousand dollars cash for the stainless steel, we will have just regular appliances. Everything else will be the same though. And this is the view from the backyard. You can see a little bit of the yard or red part, they haven't put the seed in yet. But we are at the edge of the subdivision and face this farmland.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New home

Well, I'm home now. I did post too early. I did not get that house, but not to worry. I got its twin. In a better neighborhood, if I do say so myself. This will be just a quick post. But most everything about the house will be the same except a few improvements. Our house will have a garden tub. The neigborhood will had sidewalks. Its in a comepletely new subdivision. Its a lot closer to the post and to the interstate. I'll put in a picture next time. Dave and Karen will be here any minute and I need to start dinner.

Friday, March 16, 2007

House in Hucky-Tucky

Alright, done. I came to Fort Campbell area to house hunt. Done on first day. Posting this is a little early. There are a couple things, of course that could still go wrong. I put on offer on the house last night. It is about 10K under our price max which is always a plus. It is in Kentucky which in north of the post but barely it is still really close. Hucky-tucky, by the way, is the way Bug said Kentucky for a little bit. He can say it now. I walked into this house and just got that "it" feeling you know. Once I walked into the kitchen I felt even better but when I walked out of the back door and saw the view out the back and fell in love. Its still all country out there. I'm sure it won't stay that way for long but we can enjoy it while it lasts. I should be hearing back soon about our offer.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Biggest Loser for the Littlest Larm February

Febraury's winner is Kaarina at 5 lbs. Telynn also did 5 lbs but Kaarina's is a bigger percentage. Jenny did 2 lbs. And trash talking Cristtin up 4 lbs. Not to worry. The first week in March as I write this post I am already down 3 lbs.

DD Started Ice Skating

LOOK! I uploaded a picture. I took me three months but I did it. It also took two tries today and 50 minutes just to get this pictures uploaded so I expect a lot of comments from this post. Just so you know I live and breathe for comments. You would think then that I would leave more then wouldn't you? Anyway, DD started Ice Skating on Saturday. She was so happy. She has been asking for this for a year and a half. I figured she really wanted it. I always tried to get her to go to dance but she always asked for figure skating. She was awesome. She was so excited that she flailed and flied all over the place. She must have fallen at least a dozen times. Towards the end I thinks she was falling for fun. It took her awhile to realize that she needed to slow down and calm down, that crazy can come later. We have to drive to Richmond for lesson which is 45 minutes away. There were a couple times I looked back at her to see how she was doing. She didn't play with toys on the way there, she looked out the window and just grinned. Her hands folded in her lap and just bursting with excitement. I was happy for her. She has waiting very patiently for this and now she gets to become an Ice Princess. The Disney movie that started all this, by the way.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tragedy averted

The all clear siren has been rang. Kismet realigned my life in the form of a migraine to make all right with the world again. Dan and I had a date on Saturday night. We went and saw Ghost Rider, I'm sorry to my family, Dan made me, it was so awful. Shocker, huh? By the end of the movie I had a migraine, another shocker, huh? The doctor has me on new meds and I don't think that my body is quite responding yet. Anyway, dinner was scrapped and we went home. An hour later I emerged from my cave feeling good enough to at least watch some TV. Dan and I watched a movie on the CW, a movie I had remembered as funny but turned out to not be so much. When it was over Dan turned it to sports when just as kismet would have it, it was North Carolina my old Nemesis from last Tuesday. For no reason at all Dan turned back to the CW to see what they would show after the movie and what was it? Gilmore Girls! The lost missing much mourned over episode. Saturday night, 10 pm e.s.t., the CW made amends and saved my sanity before this next Tuesday and and all new fresh episode. I agony of the decision that I was facing was solved for me by the cosmos in the form of a ruined date. My migraine, the blessing in disguise. I am so happy. Bring on tomorrows new episode. By the way, the episode was so good, one not to be missed. Have I said it yet? I am so happy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tragedy strikes

The most heinous crime was perpetrated last Tuesday night, 8 p.m. e.s.t. It happened here in VA. I don't know if this was a crime spree or just a local tragedy. If there are other victims around the country then at least I know that I am not alone in my struggles. Gilmore Girls was pre-empted by college basketball. Did you hear me? Pre-empted by sports. Its an outrage. Who in the entire nation when sitting down to watch Gilmore would then sit quietly and enjoy VA Tech battle North Carolina? I'll tell you, only Dan. Everyone else must have felt my panic attack. It was a new episode and not just any episode the commercial hinted at Lorelai and Chris breaking up! This is not the time for ball. I am beside myself with severe umbrage. I am running out of words to describe this hopeless feeling that hasn't left me since 8:01 p.m. Tuesday night. What do I do? Go on the website and read what happened. READ Gilmore Girls, that is like being told your chocolate craving will be satisfied by a tootsie roll. Guess what? It doesn't. And what happens next week when I watch and don't know what happened in the mean time? Oh, whatever am I to do? BASKETBALL!!!! oh, the humanity.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ian's baptism

Innie was baptized on Feb. 4. It was an amazing experience. Ukki, grandfather in Finnish, came out for the weekend to be there for it. Friday, when he flew in we stopped at the DC Temple before going home. His flight came in at 4:30pm and we left the airport about 1/2 an hour later. It took us two hours to get to the Temple. Distance from Reagan Airport to the DC Temple: 22 miles. They had a sign up saying they needed people for sealings and I happened to have a stack of names that needed sealing. My father and I did a family with 13 children and now they are sealed. It was a really cool feeling, a good accomplishment. One more link in the chain is done. Then two days later watching my oldest son be baptized was quite the thing. I can't even think of that many words for it. I am in awe over having a son this old and the excitement he had for this next step. He asked to meet with the missionaries before he was baptized and took all the discussions. All I could think was, Who is the kid? Just goes to show me that he is really something great. The questions he asked the things he knew, I was like we didn't teach him that. Primary is so awesome. The other day he got in trouble for yelling at Dan and when he came out he told Dan is was sorry and that he had asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness. Where is this kid from? He is my kid? One of those times where I can't think of a joke and am just humbled by this calling I have.

Biggest Loser for the Littlest Larm

My three sister's and I are doing our own version of the biggest loser together. Somehow through the years we have gotten pudgy and now have to fix that problem. The winner each month gets a $20 gift certificate for the place of their choice. We are all pitching in the money up front to pay for it and my sister Jenny is going to take care of the monitoring. Our first weigh-in is on Feb. 25, which is good since that will give me about 9 days to starve myself after a finish the pound of dark chocolate Dan gave me for Valentine's Day. Once that is gone then no more sweets. I finally got back to the gym yesterday after a 2 week absence since kids have been sick and I got bronchitis. No more excuses my butt is on the line. I thrash talked my sisters and now have to put up or shut-up and we all know I am never going to shut-up.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Army Kenner Health Clinic Policy

I need to see the doctor. I have been sick for a week and a half now. The cough is so annoying. I can't sleep. I cough so much my back is sore. I go through about 10 cough drops during the day and 3-5 at night. Here's the catch. "They" at the clinic will not see me if I bring Bug. Bug has an ear infection. I can't ask anyone to watch him since he is sick also. Dan is not home and even if he were "they" wouldn't let him out of school for this. I can't leave Bug, I can't take Bug. ARGGH!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

We Got THE news

Well, we knew is was coming but it still sucked when it came. Dan will be deploying to Iraq this year. He will leave for Fort Riley, KS May 31 for training and will stay there 2-3 months. He should be in Kuwait by early September and then Iraq from there. Most people in his class got their MIT orders this week too. It was a long week. All the wives calling everybody else, "Did you get your orders? Did Matt get them, what about Dave, etc, etc?" Our neighbor left on Friday for his deployment. That made it real. The only thing that scares me is that I seem to be handling it well. Wives who have already gone through a deployment seem to be more freaked out than I am. Do they know something I don't? Of course they do, they have lived without their best friend for a year or more and know what to expect. So I am worrying that I am not worrying enough.

Dan's Gone

Dan left last sunday for a six week training course at Fort Eustice, VA a little more than an hour away. So Monday through Friday he is staying at a hotel and weekends he is home. What do you think happened last Monday? I woke up sick, duh. By Monday night Bug was sick with something else. I had a sore throat with a wonderfully useless cough and Bug was throwing up. I don't know why it seems to be like that. I don't fall apart when Dan leaves just everything else does. My immune system should not be able to tell when the worst time to get sick is. I am not a good "sick mom." I don't like dealing with the whiny sick get. My patience is very small normally how do you deal with throw-up and the whine? Maybe someday I'll figure it out. I mean I even get cranky when Dan gets sick, its not like he needs his nose wiped, although he is rather pathetic when he gets sick.