Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter 7 Review

Don't worry, no spoliers, I'm not like that. I loved it. It took me the whole day to read though. Slightly longer time than the last one, I was in Indainapolis with my best friend so we were busy. I helped her with her Garage Sale, we went to the pool, and we went out Saturday night to celebrate her birthday so you can see why it took the whole day to read it. Anyway, the book way so great. I boobed a few times, bit my nails a few other times, and loved the ending. Not at all what I was expecting but so worthwhile. J.K. did a bang up job. Answered lots of good questions and left just enough unanswered to drive me batty till the end of my days. Please, everyone who has read it I need to talk. I told Dan all about it, he doesn't read them so its not that sastifying. The book club that is discussing it isn't until next month. I'm going mad. Its like the end of Gilmore all over again. Except I'm not sure which is worse. I guess Ms. Furtado got something right, "Why must all good things come to an end?" At least this isn't completely over, I still get to read it again and again... And we still get a couple more years for the last two movies. This one is going to be the best movie.