Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My 100

I made it to my 100th post! I have been looking forward to doing this list since the first time I saw someone else's 100 on their blog when I was just a baby blogger. But no more, I have made it my 100. Enjoy all the random that has come spewing out of my head so that I could fill this thing up...

1. My middle name is Ina (Eye-Na)
2. Ina was my father’s half-sister that raised him after his parents’ death
3. I am the youngest of six children
4. We have 28 nieces and nephews
5. My children have 4 Grandpas and 3 Grandmas
6. I am a Stay-at-home Mom
7. I love being the boss
8. I am half-Finnish
9. My girl’s camp name was Flipper
10. I love Dolphins
11. Girl’s camp is where I met my best friend of 15 years
12. I have a million pet peeves wanna know some?
13. Pretty boys
14. People who tailgate me when I am going the speed limit
15. Old campaign bumper stickers
16. People who smack their lips
17. Who leave their mouth’s open
18. When my kids talk back
19. Fox News
20. I am not a morning person
21. I try not to talk for the first hour
22. I am cranky and not just in the morning
23. I have a bad temper
24. But a good sense of humor
25. I laugh at my own jokes
26. I can finish a Jane Austen novel and just start over
27. I would marry Captain Wentworth
28. I am constantly reading something
29. I love bad movies and disaster movies
30. My favorite TV show when I was a little girl was Inspector Gadget
31. Teenager- Quantum Leap
32. Adult- Gilmore Girls
33. Right now- Heroes, I wish I knew when it was coming back
34. Absolute news junkie, I can’t even get dressed in my room without turning on CNN
35. I miss the Air Force for Dan
36. But I am still mad at them for letting Dan go
37. I love being a military family
38. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth
39. It takes like three minutes and I look like a clown
40. I have lived in two Olympic host cities, LA 1984, Salt Lake 2002
41. The torch went right by my Elementary school
42. We had our State Swim Championships every year in the Olympic Pool
43. I still swim every week, at least a mile
44. I never leave the toaster plugged in
45. A faulty toaster caused a house fire when I was seven
46. I am an Anti-pack Rat
47. I throw away/get rid of things all the time and then look for them later, oh well.
48. I love to organize and reorganize
49. I have quite a few OCD hang-ups
50. Especially in my night rituals, noise, pillows in the right place, water, etc
51. I now sleep with a pillow in Dan’s place
52. In High School I was in the play Annie
53. I was one of the orphan girls
54. I was a Senior the rest of the girls were Freshman
55. I am short and have always looked younger than my age
56. I am short but I have never felt it and I always forget it
57. I buy Ibuprofen in bulk
58. I have never drank
59. Never smoked
60. I don’t even drink caffeine
61. But
62. I deliberated this and these things almost didn’t make the list but
63. Naughty things I used to do as a teenager
64. I used to steal money from my mother, a lot
65. Streaking with girlfriends late at night
66. Steal people’s jack-o-lanterns and then throw them out of my car window into intersections on Nov 1
67. Toilet papered a lot of people’s houses
68. Showed way too many people my bum
69. My children don’t know that I have done these things
70. Yet
71. I think that the one to spill the beans will be one of my siblings
72. Even my father knows that I have done these things
73. I love my Father very much
75. I started playing the trumpet when I was five
76. Switched to the French Horn at Eleven, still play it
77. Played the Violin for two years, very badly
78. I had a “boyfriend” Freshman year for 2 weeks
79. His name was Fro
80. I forgot his real name, Mike, for three days
81. I couldn’t ask anybody cause it might get back to him
82. We didn’t speak during spring break, that was counted in the 2 weeks of our dating, I am still surprised it didn’t last
83. I once made out with my sister’s Home Teacher
84. Maybe it was twice
85. I lived in Provo for six months
86. The longest six months of my life
87. I met Dan the next month
88. In a fire I would try to save the kids and my Horn
89. If there was a way to grab a CD collection, I would
90. We own my dream car, a Toyota Tundra, although I covet the newer model
91. North Dakota was my favorite place we have ever lived
92. Negative 60 January and all
93. I got married when I was 19, looking back, man is that young
94. I hate crying in front of people
95. But cry at movies very easily
96. Only Dan knows how truly mushy I really am
97. And my children
98. Anyone else will only see glimpses
99. I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
100. My life revolves around that


SuperCoolMom said...

Love it, love it, love it! Heeheehee, totally enjoyed your true confessions! And I really had no idea how much we have in common! - Not in common: OCD tendencies, neatness, packratness (in my case). But Jane Austen...Oh Yeah!

Oh, and I got married at 18. I thought it would be FUN. LOL!

oda41143 Missy said...

This is hard to grasp. You have never drank, but you buy Ibuprofen in bulk, moon people, went streaking and vandalize people's homes. I'm thinking it's a darn good think you don't drink. I also buy Ibuprofen in bulk, but it's because I occasionally do drink :) Love your list!!!

MNATT said...

I hope you are keeping a copy of your blogs for your personal journal. I sure have learned lots about you that I didn't know. :) So...doing that little smiley face there...does that mean I'm not an intelligent blogger? ha ha Just kidding.

Haddorkus said...

The ibuprofen is because I get migraines and any headache I get I try to squash before it can become one. Most everyone who knew me as a teenager agreed it was a very good thing that I didn't drink. I was one of those who never needed any sort of chemical enhancement to be nuts.

I have no reason for my personal problem with emoticons. When other people use them, I don't mind but I can't seem to bring myself to use them. Just another one of my weirdo quirks.

Abbey said...

I'm going to copy you. It will be a couple of years though!

Laura said...

Congrats on 100 posts! I forgot to do one myself... fooey. Maybe the next milestone?

BTW, I'm being very OCD here - but did you realize you forgot to put anything on #74 (I think 74, one of those numbers)? I noticed it when you first posted it, but this is my first time to get around to commenting :-P sorry.

Or are you just yanking our chains on that one??? :-)

Craig and Lisa said...

Hi sweetpea, I love you so much and miss you a lot. Now that I'm stuck at work on nights and there is major drag-a@# time, in between the wack calls, and genuine emergent good quality, high stress, crazy, save the choking baby calls...I finally have time to catch up and read your blog,(that's why I finally joined facebook too), watch Gilmore Girls, which I'm going to be in depression soon, because I'm on the final season, piss me off. Oh well, I'll just have to start over, I guess. Why don't I remember Christopher and Lorelai getting married the first time around?!! Anyways, this is great, couple of comments...#11-ahhh yeah!#65-why you gots to tell our secrets? #71-that will be me. #74? #83-explain, I should know this.