Friday, August 31, 2007

Update Type Stuff

I am feeling less melodramatic so I can fill you guys in from the stupid panic-stricken cryptic post from a while back. Most of you know the gist of general stuff now anyway. Dan will not be deploying with his team to Iraq. His old back injury flared up on him again, I guess wearing 60 lbs of body armor the majority of the day will do that to a back. He is already doing much better now, he will be back to running in a few days. He should be back to full PT in a couple months maybe a few weeks. Right now we are playing the waiting game on his new orders. His branch manager says that she has a slot for him here at Campbell which is what we want, what with the brand new mortgage and schools and all that. His paperwork should have been released from Riley already or will be any day now. Then it heads on to her desk and she can cut orders. Once Dan has his orders he can out-process at Riley and come home. Until then he has to stay at Riley and we still just see him once a month like we have been all summer. Though he did surprise me and wrangle a pass for my birthday this past weekend, and he is on his way home now so two weekends in a row, we are getting quite spoiled. The kids and I are praying everyday that he can come home. There is only one concern about him getting here too soon. Fort Campbell is getting ready to deploy so if Dan gets his orders at the right time and he heals at the right time a deployment this year or very soon thereafter is not out of the question. Well, nothing has been in our hands so far, so its too late to start thinking that they are now. Between our Heavenly Father and the government, well, what can I say.

Monday, August 20, 2007

All my kids in school

Yesterday I told Bug, "Tomorrow you start Preschool." His reply,"When I start preschool do I get to go to school forever now?" Why, yes, Bug you do. That's when it really hit me, oh man. My kids are in school forever now. Next year he goes full-time to kindergarten, this year it is only for three hours three days and today it was forever. I went to the Y, did cardio for 45 min, swam for 30 min, sat in the hot tub, came home, showered, blow dried my hair, I never do that, and was still early to pick him up. Now mind you, I showered with the stereo blasting some Ska which was fun. I think I'll adapt but anyway, cute little Bug he came running to me and hugged me and then, of course asked for the bus. He won't seem to accept that I am the bus and that he doesn't take one until next year. But when we got home this was the good one, he didn't want to walk to the front door because, "I am so tired I have been walking all day." He got worked his first day of preschool. Here are those traditional Haddox family first day front porch pictures I promised and one of all three.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Time?

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Its that time already? This place is so weird. My nephews in Kentucky actually started a week before Innie and DD did. Anyway, back to school time. It was time. The kids had the longest summer, they were ready to go back. We pulled them out of school about a month and a half early last year. So they had May, June, and July off. I'm glad school started early August, I'm just not glad about it being so hot, I mean melty hot. Do you know what four years in ND does to a person's wardrobe? It makes it impossible for them to move to TN, that's what. Almost every shirt I own goes with another shirt. I don't own any shorts, I don't think I would wear them anyway. I own maybe two or three capris. I wear jeans, that's it, Jeans. Yesterday it was 105 at 5 p.m. that's without knowing the heat index or humidity and all that other nonsense.
I think I might have gotten off on a tangent. So the kids are back in school, right? They a enjoying themselves, they like their teachers. They just can't play outside for recess because its too hot. But we've been here before and its a dangerous road. Enjoy the pictures of those cute little excited faces.

Always posing, my little DD.

He's getting too cool, this one.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Well, I have no idea how much to share so this is going to be a very cryptic post. There has been some stuff going on with Dan and his training for a few weeks now that we have been keeping to ourselves. Now everything has quite exploded on us. We got the news today that is at the same time good and the very worst thing we wanted to hear. I am sorry to not tell you yet but nothing is official yet so I can't say, but, man we really need some prayers. Dan's career is really on the line here and it is completely out of our hands. Everything came down to a twist of fate which means that it was completely in our Heavenly Father's control. Once the official word comes down I promise to explain but in the mean time we need your prayers. Dan needs some new orders and only one or two options will save us right now, Campbell or Nashville. I'll keep you posted as soon as I can.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Picutres, yeah!

Finally some pictures, my computer still won't read my camera so I had to go to Target and get them all burned to a disc before I could do this. I hope you all appreciate the work I do for you. I accept payment in the form of comments. Have I mentioned before how much I love comments. You would think then that I would leave more so as to encourage more mutual comment leaving on everyone's blogs but yet somehow I still don't do it that often. I seem to still be waiting for life to calm down so I can have more time, maybe I need to accept that that is not going to happen until Dan comes home.

Easter 2007.
Our front yard at Fort Lee.
Out consummate Lady DD.

Daddy and Bug at Busch Gardens.
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.

The kids playing at the statue of John Smith at Jamestown during the 400th Anniversary.

Daddy and Innie at Virginia Beach.
This is another one of my favorite pictures.

The 4th of July.
The kids enjoying the firework show at Fort Campbell.
I love them all covering their ears.
That means that they are doing the show right.

Bug's 4th birthday.
My baby is four. I am really confused as to how this happened.

The water park.
This was one of Dan's four day weekends when he got to come home. The kids stayed on the lazy river almost the whole time. Dan had to keep his shirt on all day so no one would accidentally touch his still healing small pox vaccination and then catch it and kill half the country. Wasn't that so considerate of him. He is so nice.

And finally, our house.
Cute, huh?