Friday, February 29, 2008

Stuff you wouldn't normally do day

There is really something special about a leap year. And I am making the most of my leap day. I am going to do a whole mess of stuff I wouldn't normally do. I am dusting off the to do list and only doing things on it that I want to do. Keeping chores to a minimum, unless they are stuff I never do. Like I have already flipped the mattress, not as hard by myself as I thought it was going to be. I am washing all my bedding, including the comforter, I am ashamed to admit how infrequently that gets done. And then I will bust out the sewing. I will fix that big pile of stuff, the kids blankets, Innies scout patches, finish DD's fluffy blanket. I am on a mission to make the most of my extra day. And then when it is all over, I have a hot date, with a younger man, I might add. Innie and I are going to dinner and a movie while the other two go to Friday Night Out, the Super Saturday version for Friday. I will let you know how much I really get done. Tell me what you are doing with your only extra day every four years.

I got this idea from last Wednesday as we had our third snow day and I realized how we had wasted the previous two. Last Wednesday, Innie and I got an almost an entire achievement done in his Bear book (he just needs to report it to the Den now), and did all that was required for him to earn both the swimming belt loop and pin while we went swimming at the Y. I am so pumped! On to the next stuff, let's bust out the sewing machine.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to the Gym

So after the cold and then the plague, I've had some time off from the gym. I finally forced myself back today. Now I am sore but I worked out.

While I was on the machines or on the track I was looking around and enjoying the familiar sights. Some of you know how warped I am. Some of you might not know my love of giving people I don't know nicknames. I have given lots of nicknames to regulars that I see at the gym and I felt like sharing some of them with you.

The sweater - I first noticed this guy based on the huge patch of wet all over is back and the way he clung to the treadmill as if the machine was going to run away from him. The sweater when done with his workout gets one paper towel and proceeds to spray the machine a minimum of thirty times. I used to just laugh at the sweater's unusual ritual until one day I actually saw him wipe his arm sweat on the treadmill and then I wished he would use five paper towels and spray about fifty times.

The chugger - This woman dutifully gets on the machine that is a cross between the elliptical and a stair climber. It has the arm thingys that make your arms go back and forth. I don't know what level she has this thing on but I think it is like 64. The effort and strain she puts into the workout has dubbed her the chugger.

The mugger - Not related to the chugger but another one who takes his workout seriously. This man is in training for an aggravated assault. I see him on the treadmill with either a ski cap on or his hoodie hood pulled up.

Butt Apron - A skinny mini woman who never works out unless she has some sort of shirt tied around her waist. I guess to hide that grape she ate last year.

Sweet Miss Daisy - This cute little old bitty who walks the track and will always take this little jog to get out of your way, even though its your job to walk around slower people. And on the same corner every time she gets to this corner she puts her back to it and does this little stretching thing.

The gym hos - These women bug me to no end. I have never actually seen them working out just walking around the machine area talking to anyone they know so loudly I can hear it through my ipod, which let's get this straight is not on a low volume. Hey girl, oh my gosh, what are you doing here? Oh girl, you look so good. Hey bimbos, shut it, I can hear you and I don't want to. Yeah, maybe that is really mean but I really can't stand them.

The Ladies Benevolent Society - There is a group of tables near the coffee and tea area. You can sit there, chat, take a break, and drink some herbal tea. If you happen to sit at a table by yourself, and all the others tables are taken when the LBS comes for their chat session you are in for it. You will be taken over. Reading a biography on Ben Franklin? Not anymore, you will get nothing more out of it as the goiter talk begins. Break time is over, its bunion and corn talk time.

Uncle Gino - This one might come out wrong or make me sound snobby but here it goes. This man is a smoker. New Yorker, Italian, old man, swagger smoker. I cannot be on the track when Gino comes around. I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke. But there is something special about Gino. I can't be downwind of this man on the track, bring on the insta-headache.

So while thinking about this post I was trying to think up what someone like me might nickname me. I like to think that I am not that quirky enough to garner notice. But I do happen to do a couple of slightly off things. My people watching causes me to laugh or chuckle to myself quite frequently, that might seem weird to an obsvervist. The other thing is that I have been known to strut a little or add some head bobbing on the track especially when I've got some OK Go rocking on the ipod. But I haven't been able to come up with any quippy name for a weird woman who smiles to herself while bobbing to her own head music.

Welcome to this little view of my twisted head. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my gym.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeing double

Why do I all of a sudden have two of everything? Two military IDs, that will come in handy, even if one if especially ugly. Two driver's license, will not come in handy the ND was suspended when I called and reported it lost but I am glad I have the ND momento. Two MWR cars, might be useful, we'll see. Two debit cards, also one is useless since it was reported lost. Even two Temple Recommends but one is also defunct since we have the new bar code system. But my old one was in one of those plastic holders and I am glad to get that back. Also glad to get back my Target photo gift card that still carries a balance of $60.16. And I didn't have $15 in my wallet, I had $18! I got that back as well.
What brings about this miracle? Some really nice person who was just taking his/her time to get it back to me? No. Actually it was a little closer to home. Or really far away from home, depending on how you look at it. I am now under the belief that my car, on the passenger side, has some sort of worm hole. That's right it was in the car, people. In the car!
This last Saturday was Super Saturday. I have the drop off/pick up procedure down by down. Bug first, then DD, and last Innie. The reverse for pick-up. I go to the place where Innie is and pick him up, DD is just across the street but we still drove. I throw my purse on the seat and drive. As I make the turn into the parking lot it falls over and something falls out and over the far side of the seat. My phone is the slipperiest thing in there so I assume it is that. Innie says, your wallet fell out. I say, No, it sounded like the phone. First off, how do I know what a cell phone falling out of my purse onto the floor sounds like? Experience. He says, but it's black. My new wallet it black so I go okay it was my wallet and think weird. He then hands me my old leather tri-fold wallet. I stop the car and stare. Do you know what this is? This is my lost wallet. I then begin the maniacal laughter where all the obsurdities that I endured replacing all this stuff finally hits home with all it's wonderful futility.
I go pick up DD and I am still laughing. I can't stop. I am waiting in line to sign her out by myself, chuckling. DD comes up to me crying, of course, about something, and I am still laughing. We then go on our way to get Bug, as we pull out of the parking lot, Innie goes, are you going to put this on the blog? Begin laughter again. Oh yes, son, this will make an apperance on the blog. By jove, I think the boy knows me.

So, worm hole theory. I didn't just happen to look in the car when I thought I lost my wallet. I took it apart. I even was on the passenger side with the door open squatting down putting hands into places where I was not sure what kid-petrified snack I might pull out. Then I did it again the next day in the daylight. I took everything out of this car and looked. I searched, I gave it the ole college try. I could not have searched longer or harder in a four door sedan, I mean come on there isn't that much ground to cover. And let's add to that the cleaning out we gave the car last Monday when we came home from my friends house. You know, road trip trash, toys, and all the other stuff that had been accumulating the last few weeks. We went out there with thrash bags and a laundry basket. Alright kids, nothing remains in this car. Everything in the basket, toys, books, trash, it all goes. Make sure you dig under the seats really good, lets not leave anything. Remember the sides to. I mean, come one, if it was going to be found shouldn't that have been the time?

No almost a week later it is dislodged by a falling cell phone, yes, I was right it did sound like my cell phone. If it was so easily dislodged by a phone how could it know be dislodged by my hand the couple dozen times I swiped it around there? The kids as they looked for transformer parts? Its because there is a wrinkle in the space-time continuum, that's why. And it resides on the passenger side of my car. Not only is this a much cooler explanation it does have the added benefit of making me look slightly less incompetent and just a victim of physics.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What is that sound?

The first time I heard it, my heart stopped and I went running into the living room to find out who had died and who needed to go to the ER. The second time I heard it, I paused, waited for the cries to start. When they didn't I went back to what I was doing. Now that the sound is a part of the house I don't notice it as much. Sometimes when it catches me off guard I still do the heart skipping a beat thing.

What is this sound? It sounds a little a cross between a hurricane and a freight train. All being pushed down the stairs. The kids have discovered that they can get down the stairs much faster and, oh, so much funner than if they lay on their stomach and slide down the stairs as fast as they can. And they always have to make that sound so their voice bumps on every bump.

So this is my first attempt at using my digital camera for getting a video and uploading it. I hope this works.

Yeah, it worked! Although this video is fun, it does not catch the essence of the sound that they make. Oh, well, you'll just have to imagine it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Need to get this out

Political Rant up ahead

I have been keeping myself to myself about this one but now that I am all comfortable, see below post, I am going to let it all out.

Whenever they talk about McCain on the news, they mention how he must unite the Republican Party and how he needs to win Conservatives. He might not be able to do that, blah, blah, blah. Right now the Democrats seem pretty divided to me. Who's to say that Clinton supporters are going to automatically vote for Obama. The way they have been attacking each other. Aren't some of those attacks going to work and make it so that some of the Obamians will refuse to vote for Billary again? Or the other way around.

Here's something that has been eating at me about Hills. I heard this speech that she gave about being from the Middle class, of the Middle class, working the night shift, ick. But she won't release her tax records. What's that about? Come on, Norma Rae, what's there to hide, you're one of us, right? This is the thing that bugs me the most about the Clintons. Turn around is not fair play with them. Could you imagine the stink they would raise if there was a Republican withholding some sort of personal information that all candidates release? Remember the twofer promised by Bill when he was running for his first term, electing him was like getting a two for one because you elect him you get her. But isn't the reverse also true if she is elected so is he? Has anyone been listening to him lately? Gone round the bend that one has.

And this latest thing with the New York Times? A story about two unnamed people who thought that McCain might be having an affair? That's news? I once thought that I was really kissing Aragorn. Call the press, we got a hot one. And they sat on it for a couple of months to make sure they got all the facts straight. Huh? What facts? This story should have been run with Page Six with the rest of the celeb gossip.

Now lets get one thing straight, I am a Republican. So you can look at all this stuff and say it is just party line. But know this about me, I hate Fox News, I can't stand media bias. I have a brain and get this, I want to use it to form my own opinions. I am tried of all the media outlets covering the Dems 70% of the time while the GOP gets 30%. I didn't know that this race had already been called. Yes, Dewey wins! Not so fast. I don't think that the GOP is going to take this, I don't think that the Dems have it in the bag. I think for right now we have a chance to figure out where we stand and try and take it. Let's all really look at what the Dems are promising right now, can they deliver it, pay for it, not run our country into the ground while they are doing it? Is the GOP promising anything? This whole process deserves a look, a deep searching look.

Last thought, I don't believe the Dems for a second when they say they are going to end this war. What war? Last time I checked there were two going on. But let's really think about this. Because before they do anything they will be thinking "legacy." Do I want Iraq's civil war on my hands? Do I want the consequences of a failed state and what comes next to be on me? How does history view Nixon, Johnson? They did not send the troops into Vietnam but they sure had to deal with the mess. I don't buy for one second that a Dem President is going to have on his/her first item on the agenda, cause power vacuum in hostile middle eastern country. It will go down two ways that I see it. They will defer to the Generals and blame it all on them and their recommendations. Or we will see a bold new plan that they just happened to come up with this morning. No way is that campaign promise coming to fruition.

Ahhh, that felt so good. Back to relaxing on the couch.

I am never getting off the couch again

Today is such a good day. I totally broke my fast and bought a wireless router for the laptop. So worth it. Dan can chat at work, so I have been spending a lot of time on the computer lately. He can chat in the mornings, when I am getting the kids ready for school and at night, when I am in prime vegging time. I thought how can I accomplish both? Take my laptop wireless, I mean that is the whole point of the thing, right?

So here I am in the basement, on the comfortable couch. I don't really like my living room ones, they've got to go. I got Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy playing on the DVR, I also brought down a snack. So like I said, I am never getting off the couch again. I really need a bathroom in the basement, then I'd never have to leave.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazy 8s meme
I was tagged by Nikki to do this Crazy 8s meme.

8 Things I am passionate about

2. Daniel
3. My Kids, not other people's
4. Reading
5. Holding onto my sanity
6. Scrapbooking
7. Losing weight
8. blogging

8 things I want to do before I die

1. Go to Finland with my Father
2. Go to college
3. Live in Europe
4. Go on a Mission
5. Swim with dolphins
6. See six continents
7. Play in an orchestra
8. Find a common hobby with Dan

8 things I say often

1. No Touchy
2. Eat!
3. I miss you.
4. I love you.
5. Don't you dare.
6. Crap
7. Ahh, man. (must use whiny tone)
8. Dude

8 books I've read recently

1. Wednesdays Letters
2. The Few
3. The First American
4. For One More Day
5. The Memoirs of Jane Austin
6. Northanger Abbey
7. Kabul Beauty School
8. The Book of Mormon

8 songs I could listen to over and over

1. We Close Our Eyes - Oingo Boingo
2. Float On - Modest Mouse
3. Over My Head - The Frey
4. The Heart of Life - John Mayer
5. No Other Way - Jack Johnson
6. The Damage in Your Heart - Weezer
7. Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182
8. How Firm a Foundation - Hymn 85
List subject to change daily

8 things that attract me to my best friends

1. Sacrasm
2. Loyalty
3. People who lose their temper at their kids(if they have them) in front of me (not fake)
4. Honesty
5. Intellegence, I don't mean book smarts here, I don't have that
6. Integrity
7. Grit
8. No whiner-babies, I am enough, thank you.

8 people I think should do Crazy 8s

1. I
2. Hate
3. This
4. Part
5. and it
6. Looks
7. Like everyone
8. Has already been tagged

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taking it down a notch

So I bailed out of town for the weekend. Friday, I took Bug to school and went to the Y like normal. I only did about 30 minutes of cardio and I left. I just didn't have the heart for it. The To Do list was getting longer and longer and things just weren't getting done. On Thursday, I had some electrians over to see if they could fix the phone line, a roofer be an absolute jerk to me, and I still hadn't even started on the leak or taxes. As I am driving home, I call my friend from the last post, my Army Mentor. I love this woman. I try not to be her drama friend but I know that she has been there done that. She is on her fourth deployment. I am boobing to her about everything falling apart and she gives me that smack that I need. "Is the roof leaking?" No, then it doesn't need to be fixed today, it can wait. "Come to my house for the weekend." I can't I have this and that going on. Cancel them and take a break. What?! I can do that? Of course, I can. I have never been afraid to say no, I won't start now. So within two hours I pulled the kids out of school and we were on the road. She lives about 3 1/2 hours away now.

About 1 hour from her house DD starts throwing up. I call her to tell her what's going on but she says keep coming. DD throws up the rest of the day and then is done. Only once did she not make it to the toilet, but it was at least in the bathroom. Other than that we have a great weekend, just talking, the kids playing, watching TV, playing with her sweet new baby that I hadn't met yet. I wake up Monday sick. I instantly pack up and get out of dodge. I figure I am tired and will only get more tired so I better get the three hours of driving done now. If I am getting DD's sick its going to get worse so I better get home. We get home with enough time for me to try to nap in the afternoon. I woke up so much worse. So yeah, now I have the flu. I even got the flu shot this year. I came on to post last night and couldn't even complete the meme that Nikki tagged me to do, its still half-finished in my saved posts. I saw a news report last night as I am laying on the couch last night all grossy, it was about how the flu predicter people got it wrong this year. Most years the flu shot is 90% effective, this year it is 40%. Bully for the flu people.

Are you kidding me? Getting that flu shot was miserable. Last year I got the flu mist, that was fine. This year they didn't have it, shot for you. My arm hurt for days, I mean I couldn't even sleep on that side and I am a side sleeper. I was uncomfortable for days and then I go and get the flu anyway? Not cool people.

So rant over, this weekend was a really good refocus for me. I am trying to do too much. I am freaking myself out. Between church callings, book club, two FRG jobs, all the FRG meetings, kids activities, waging war on the house, trying to finish the kitchen, etc, I am losing it. Trying to get everything done means almost nothing is really getting done, not in the way I want it to get done. I really don't look at myself as a perfectionist but I do expect quality. So many of these things aren't getting done at all and they are important compared to the things that are taking up my time.

Here's how it is going to go from now until the next freak out and I have to reassess again. I am quitting one of the FRG jobs. I will not be going to FRG night meetings unless it is the big monthly meeting. I will write a list of things that I would like to accomplish in the house by priority and work in that order. When the first thing gets done I will move on down. No time limit, not one a day, one a week, just as they get done. I will take one Super Saturday a month for work and one for fun. I will not start on my lists or work until I am better. I will allow myself to be sick and the kids will eat cereal and survive.

I will survive with my sanity. I do not have to have tackled Everest by the time Dan gets home. We all just need to be healthy and not watched 15 months straight of TV, right now that is my goal. Maybe I will add to that in a little bit.

On the spending front, on the way to my friends house, I bought a chick flick and a box of chocolates on the 50% off rack. So far that's it. It was totally worth it, good cry.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I am becoming accainted with my Home Owner's Policy and learned some really amazing things that makes me think maybe I am not living it up the way I should.

My house is covered if...

Wind, hail, or lightning damage my self-propelled missiles or spacecraft.

Anything damaged by riot of civil commotion.

Freezing damages my pier, wharf, or dock.

$200 worth of my gold bullion.

Should the house or part thereof fall into a suddenly appearing sink-hole.

My house is not covered if...

Taken verbatim
War, including undeclared war, civil war,
insurrection, rebellion, revolution, warlike act
by a military force or military personnel,
destruction or seizure or use for a military
purpose, and including any consequence of
any of these. Discharge of a nuclear weapon
will be deemed a warlike act even if

Nuclear hazard

Earthquakes, associated with or without volcanic eruption. And any eruption in any 72 hour period will be considerd one eruption.

So with my space craft, I am going to take my self-propelled missile, not nuclear by the way, to my warf for launch. All these things were, of course, purchased with the bullion. From the wharf I will protect my house from Volcanic eruption, nuclear blast, and those rouge military units that might be trying to commandeer my sweet stuff. I have time to do all this since I don't have to worry about the earth suddenly opening up to swallow my house anymore. Also, I don't worry anymore about civil unrest, wind, hail, or lightning damaging my all-powerful self-propelled missile. Hey, would Molotov Cocktails count as self-propelled missiles? Because that is something actually attainable. I think I will ask next time I talk to them.

Also, one last thing they don't cover, I think. One of the things that I need fixed in the house.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Spending fast

45 has become a magical number around here for me. Dan's deployment is supposed to be 450 days so 45 is 10%. On my countdown donut that I have on the computer we hit the 10% mark recently. At 10% is when the donut legend changed from "A long, long way to go," to "Still a long, long way to go." That's progress. As pathetic as it sounds, soon I hit the longest I have ever been continously away from Dan. We were apart for almost four months last year but he came home one weekend a month.

So back on subject. The magical 45. 45 days is 10% . The next 45 days will get me to 20%. In 45 days we have 3 paychecks. In these 45 days, I am on a spending fast. Absolutely no unneedful spending. It is the commissary and gas for the next three paychecks. The only loopholes will be, I will be going out tomorrow to get the last of the stuff the kids want for their Valentine's parties. DD wants to buy this year and Innie wants to make. I had already gotten everything to make when DD decided she really wanted some Hello Kitty Valentine's. At this stage, I am with the time saver for a few dollars. So anything that the children "need" for school is on the exception list. Anything that brakes and can't wait will go onto the exception list. Like today I discovered shingle damage on the roof from the storms. I am not going to wait on that one, either.

We will also be cutting back on the out to eat, and how much I pay for babysitting. Once a month we go out to eat at Appleby's on the kid free night to check off one more month down and one less to go until Daddy comes back. We also work really hard on our table manners and behaving in a restaurant. We started it this last summer on the first Monday of the month, Manners Monday. But alliteration went out the door for free kids meals on Tuesday. So that stays. On the other days, there will be fast food at the maximum of once a week.

I have been having a lot of FRG meetings lately and just a lot of things taking me away from the kids. So that will change also. I will only get a sitter at maximum once a week. Although, this week I already have her booked for twice but that was before I made these new goals. Once for going out with girls on Valentine's Day and the other time for going to the cannery, I'll be spending money there but food storage doesn't go in the shopping category, it's all food.

So my 45 days has already started. I know its weird but I can't say when it started or when its over by exact date since I linked it to Dan's deployment. There is this thing called OpSec. It means keep your mouth shut about where your husband is, when he went out, when he is coming home. Loose lips and all that. So just know that it has already begun.

So far so good. No real temptation yet. Tomorrow when I go to Target will be the real test. Can I get out of there with just Hello Kitty? I'll let you know.

One last thing, the point. I am not just trying to torture myself. We have been working really hard to get out of debt and another milestone is just around the corner if I put in the effort. Some of you may know of the added financial benefits of being deployed and I am not going to blow it on purses and itunes. When Dan gets home all that money goes away. I don't want to be in any habit that makes life difficult for us when his pay goes back to normal. In fact, I want to have put so much into debt that it will be like we have gotten a huge raise, purely off of the obligations that we have paid off. And we want to take two really cool vacations. One when he comes home for R&R and then other when he comes home.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Schools of Thought

I have been thinking of all the things dividing us as a people lately. Everything has so many sides, so many angles. However, some things are just black and white, right and wrong. I have taken stock of those most divisive of things a made a list and decided to tell you where I am on the issue. I decided no more PC-Cristtin. You will know where I stand on the most important issues facing us right now.

Lid up or Lid down
I don't mean the seat. There is not two schools for this one, that is always down. That is a lazy man issue. I mean the lid. I am a firm, lid down person. I don't want to see the inside of the bowl when I walk into the room nor have anything fall in accidentally.

American or Japanese
No apoligies here, I am Japanese. Although, one of my cars I think was made in Korea. The other vechicle was made in America but it is Japanese. We have had a good share of cars over the years and there is one kind which has yet to let us down. In fact, it has saved us a lot of physical harm. In the form of a severe winter storm in which we rolled the truck in a ditch and niether of us was injured and the only damage to the truck was cosmetic. We will not look back, we are Japanesee.

McDonalds or Wendys
Come on people, really. Wendys. Except I do have a soft spot for McDonalds breakfast. But Wendys doesn't have breakfast so they are not in competition. Mmm, sausage egg Mcmuffin. I think I'll pick one up tomorrow, Super Saturday. Anyway, their burgers are not in the same category, at all. And we are cheap so we feed the whole family off the dollar menu for like 10 bucks.

Yeah for War or Boo for War
Just kidding, you are not kidding a thing out of me.

Red or Blue
Red all the way. I don't mean politics. I mean U of U vs. BYU. For the few of you who might not know of this rivalry in Utah, its big. My dad, husband, two siblings, and a sister-in-law all went to the U. I was getting ready to get started there but Dan gratuated and it was time to move. If I were to have any regrets in my life, it would be that I didn't get a chance to go to the U, only be a rabid U fan. Go Utes.

Sarcasm or Playing it Straight.
Oh yeah, sarcasm. Lets just say its my signature item. Dan can't do it. Every now and then he tries it and I never get it, his tone is all wrong. Recently Innie made a sarcastic comment to DD in the car, not the one I blogged about a few weeks ago, a new and better one. I just about swelled with pride that I had passed on such a trait. A trait that has given me hours of enjoyment mostly at the expense of others but still enjoyment just the same. It helps keep me sane in this world.

Running or Walking
Ick, Ick. I hate running. If I want to wear my pants out or start a fire, I guess I'll run but I would rather die. I speed walk the track at the Y very often, I can hang with that. But the second you make me run, blah. Dan is one of those running weirdos, always trying to get me to do it. He won't run for months and then go out and run six miles or more like whatever. Sicko. I would rather swim a mile than run it. And I can. Just so you know, a mile in the pool is 70 lengths.

Bus or Car Rider
No brainer, bus. I don't have to wait in a crazy line for 15 minutes in the morning just to drop them off at school in the morning or wait for 25-30 in the afternoon to pick them up. No thanks. The bus stop is literally the front of my house. Sometimes I don't even leave my house, just push them out the door. Some moms do the whole, oh I just can't put them on the bus. Well, look down on me all you want. In that 3 hours or more a week that I save I could watch a lot of TV, do a fair bit of shopping, nap until 3 minutes before the bus drops them off. Nevermind, the whole not killing Bug in the process of trying to keep him happy in the car that long everyday. Bus, Bus, Bus, yeah!

Now it doesn't matter if you are an R or a D, Red State Blue state the true issue of our time can be summed up in these four words...

Mayonaise or Miracle Whip
This is the most divisive issue of our day. I am a mayo. The first time that had Miracle Whip, by accident, I thought the turkey was rancid. I am not kidding I checked the turkey, checked the bread, before I went to the Mayo to find the offender for that awful taste. That is when I learned of the evil that had been unleashed on the country. Most people don't know any better being that they have been raised on this abomination. At least there is one area I can thank my parents for looking out for me on.

Now, I won't apologize if anyone if offended by my bluntness. Just your narrow mindedness for not aggreeing with me.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

All sorts of fun here in TN

Super Tuesday went out with a bang.

All four of us sleeping in the basement all night long. Me, finally falling alseep on the couch around 1am just giving up on any chance of being able to sleep in my own bed. At 8:30 was when I had the kids get their blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. They went to sleep within the next 1/2 hour, under severe threat to go to sleep you have school tomorrow. I watched some stuff on the DVR while I checked the weather every 15 minutes or so. By 1am I think we had had 3 tornado warnings. Nothing touched down here but anyone watching the news knows the rest of the state was not so lucky. The last tornado warning that I was aware of last night was at a crossing between a main road and the interest a few miles from my house. This was the closest I have ever been to being aware of a tornado.

I say that because years ago we lived a few blocks from where the SLC tornado finished but we didn't know about it until it was over. When the wind started going crazy I went outside to see what all the fuss was about. A few years in ND have taken that curiousity out of me.

Also, as I was drifting of to the sounds of some newsperson who has made it up the ladder to be their go-to person for all-night weather info, I become aware of some slight rhythmic sound in the basement. Almost like a faint dripping sound. I am awake now, dripping sound? Oh yeah, dripping in two places in a closet in my basement. Not just any closet, the closet with the electircal circuit breakers and all my satellite cables. This is not good. I put a couple of buckets under them after removing the boxes they had been dripping on and lay back down.

So after my few hours of sleeping badly on the couch the children started to wake up before 7 am. Why do they do that? Aren't they tired from sleeping on the floor and staying up late? Don't they know how to sleep in? I went up to my bed to catch another 1/2 hour before it was time to start getting the kids ready for school. Just as I am getting comfy, Dan calls. I won't complain about that one, I just didn't go back to sleep.

Get the kids off to school, eat breakfast, back to bed. I dreamt the whole time that DD was trying to wake me up or that I was outside as a tornado sky blew in (slightly yellow or green in color) and was trying to save the trash can from blowing away. Then an hour into my sleep, also bad sleep because it is very windy, the FRG leader calls to ask us to call our people and check on them. I called all my local people and only got one at home. And now I am awake and I know its time to give up on catching up on sleep.

And just for kicks. Yesterday, I woke up with that I am getting sick feeling. I have been doing my Zicam since but one thing I have learned... If you feel like you are getting sick and want to speed up the process spend the night on the couch.

Lets go out on a high note. I saw on the news today a man being arrested for driving on the freeway with his 16 month old daughter not strapped in the back seat. She was just having a good ole time in the back seat jumping castle. But he wasn't completely irresponsible. He remembered to strap something in the front seat, his case of beer. Yeah, that's right, the man put a seat belt on his beer and not his daughter.

Can anyone tell me why spellcheck won't work. I really need it to wrok.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Household Government

So we are all being bombarded by politics this year. I have even recieved a call from Hillary herself. My sister answered the phone, so I didn't get a chance to talk. But she called from the other room, "Its Hillary Clinton!" Wow, my first politcal phone call. Her people have since called again trying to get me to vote tomorrow for her. I won't go into the dynamics of my politics but sorry, Hillary, it will not be you. In fact, I still haven't even figured out if I am registered to vote yet, leaving a little late, aren't I?

So all this politics got me thinking about the politics of my family. The more I thought about it the more I realized that we here at Haddorkus are set up pretty similar to the US government. We have three branches of government, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Dan heads up the executive branch. I make up the legislative branch. Once in a while both branches team up to make the judicial branch to best argue, I mean discuss the proper way to govern the people, population 5.

Now as the legislative branch I make the law, enforcing it falls to the judicial which is us both. Veto power recides with the executive body but as with our government I have the power to override the veto by a 2/3 majority. That means 2/3 of an hour spend complaining, I mean explaining how my way really is better.

Lately, the executive branch has been too wrapped up in foriegn affairs to notice what the legislative branch is up to. Laws have been changed, revoked, and basically thrown out the window. But as the judicial branch is now in shambles, there is no one around to rein the legislator in. Absolute power corupts absolutely.

As for voting, we welcome any change or chance for debate. But as of yet, we have all ran unopposed. And there have always been landslide victories. However, it is not because of voter apathy that that has happened here. Its the simple fact that there are two voters in the house. When the rest of the population becomes of legal age to vote it has been predicted that they will vote with their feet and leave the country. Most likely to start their own, the little ingrates.

So for right now in the little Republic of Haddorkus, I am the supreme ruler. The executive branch will be wrapped up in foreign affairs for some time to come and the population has no avenue of recourse. So maybe we are not so much a democracy anymore. Maybe it was more like a coup and the President is in exile and won't be able to work out a new powersharing deal until sometime next year. Oh, this is fun. I could keep on going and going in my dorky governmental analogies.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What did I do?

Bug needed a haircut. One problem, Dan has to hold his head so that I can try to not cut his head with my scissors. That haircut is hard to do with a squirmy Bug. Innie needed a haircut too but he's nine, birthday yesterday, he'll sit still. Although he got the Dan special, 4 on top and 2 on the sides (with Dan its a 1, gotta keep in regs), too. But with Bug, all he got was a shave, 4 all over. As I put him to bed, I am singing him a song, looking at this boy, thinking, When is the last time I could see his forehead? Then I look again and I am seeing a boy. Where is my little Bug? These pictures are taken six months apart. I shaved off my little boy. What have I done?
Funny story about the song, though. I am trying to sing him, Teach Me to Walk in the Light. He goes, you don't need to teach me that. I can do that, walking in the light is easy.
Oh man, what did I do? Why, why? Please tell me.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My Right Girl

Conversation between Bug and I today while I made lunch:

He is rambling about being a Daddy when he stops, "When will I be a Daddy?"

"When you get married."

"When do I get married?"

"When you meet the right girl."

"How do I know she's the right girl?"

"Heavenly Father will tell you."

"You're my right girl."

I then, of course, have to go over and kiss him on the cheek.

"Why did you kiss me?"

"To show my love."

"How do you show love?" Yes, it is one of those conversations where everything leads to another question.

"By giving kisses, hugs, being nice, and doing nice things."

"I know how to show love, I can pull out my heart."

"Or you can give kisses, etc, etc."

"Yeah, but only on the weekend."