Monday, June 29, 2009


I wanted to have a nervous breakdown today but then I took a real good look at the to-do list and decided it wasn't a priority. I bumped it to number 47 on the list, maybe I'll get to it later in the week.

My top priority contenders:

Exam today that I didn't know I had. I've been so busy with everything else that I haven't checked in on my philosophy class in about six days, that's really bad. I haven't read the past two sections and now test today. So right now is my study/reading break before I take the first of only three exams in this class. By the way, I am not a philosophy fan. All this debate on whether or not my body exist, what is reality. Are you kidding me? I know I exist because I hear my children whine at me everyday about something. I know I have a body because it is bone-tired by the end of the day. And if reality didn't exist why I am having an exam on whether or not it exist or not?

Next, finish putting the house back together from two disaster this past week. One, we decided to exchange the boys room for ours and when we were just about done we realized that our box spring wouldn't go up the stairs. Two, DD got head lice from who knows where and I have since been cleaning everything and anything in the house. I have treated her head twice with the one-treatment only stuff and been a groomer monkey on her everyday. There is nothing in this world to freak a person out more than lice.

Last contender, trying to appeal for a refund for a class that I registered to take and completely missed. I didn't read the fine print of the registration that said it was a two-week course that would be done before summer semester started so imagine my shock when I logged onto school the first day of the semester to discover that I had already missed an entire class. Dan and I also pay for school completely on our own, this class cost about $800 plus the $80 book. And its a class in my major so I have to take it. I am trying to appeal for a refund to not have to pay for the same class twice.

So between all this, the breakdown had been resceduled for a later date.

Two bright spots. I took the kids to their first day of Y-camp today and I found my emergency snickers last week that I had hidden from the kids so well that I couldn't find it. I don't expect it to last the week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coming to grips with...age

There has been a lot on my mind lately and age is one of them. I turned thirty last August and really didn't have a problem with it. Now that thirty-one is not to far away, I'm thinking a little deeper on the subject for a few reasons.

I went to the doctor for my woman's appointment. It had been three years and finally the post hospital actually called me to set up an appointment. A few things came to me about this. First that it had been three years and I didn't even notice. Then while I was doing the maintenance to get ready for my appointment it seemed harder than usual. Something about going to that appointment makes me need to shave my legs. Besides needing to be a master at yoga to succeed at this feat, I also need a riding mower to get at the back forty acreage. While I am shaving the back of my legs, way up there, I notice a dark patch that would make a hobbit proud if only he had it on the tops of his feet. Just one patch on each leg, not only am I grossed out but I am now distressed by the thought of the rest of my leg hairs turning dark.

Anyway, I survived the trimming of the hedge and I get to the doctors. She used terms like, "you're at the age where..." and they weren't followed by anything complementary like "you could seriously injure yourself surfing and recover just fine." No, this was supplement talk. Calcium, bone, you don't want to break a hip, now do you, talk.

Also, recently I started taking fiber, since nothing works anymore. So now I've added calcium to the regimen. Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium with Vitamin D, and Fiber. There are so many ways one vitamin can stop the absorption of another so they all have to be taken at separate times, with food or I feel like puking. Now all I need is one of those plastic pill separator boxes with a calculator watch with the alarm set for every four hours to remind me to take my pills to help along the transformation.

Then to complete the picture: Punx and DD have passed the swim test at the Y so they get a bracelet to wear that means they can swim anywhere in the pool and without me being there but Bug isn't there yet. The other day, DD went swimming while I was working out and when I was done, Bug and I joined her. The day camp was also in the pool. All three of us were at the deep end side when the day camp was starting to get out. That's when the lifeguard finally noticed Bug at the side of the pool, throwing things in for me to dive down and get. She walks up to him and starts telling him he can't be at this part of the pool and must go. He doesn't go. I finally manage to swim over and look at her like, what? She looks at me and says, "He doesn't have a bracelet." I say, "He can't be here with me?" She replies, "He doesn't have a bracelet," I say with more feeling, "He can't be here with ME?!" Something in my tone finally got her to stop and look at me. She just stared and me and finally goes, "Are you the mom?" I'm like, yeah, I didn't add that the older girl next to him was also mine and that the oldest was at cub scout day camp, that stuff never seems to help. She looks at me and goes, "I thought you were with the swim camp. I thought you were like 13 or 14."

There are many things wrong with this to me. While I don't mind being thought younger, heck, even half my age, that's great. How sad that someone with my body type, ie big fatty, can be confused with someone that young. And the cut-off for Y-camp is 11. Whatever, I'll take it, once it stops, I'll be sad.

It's just really hard to reconcile all the differences between still being mistaken for a teenager, still acting like a child a good portion of the time, while my body ages just to spite me.