Saturday, March 24, 2007

New home

Well, I'm home now. I did post too early. I did not get that house, but not to worry. I got its twin. In a better neighborhood, if I do say so myself. This will be just a quick post. But most everything about the house will be the same except a few improvements. Our house will have a garden tub. The neigborhood will had sidewalks. Its in a comepletely new subdivision. Its a lot closer to the post and to the interstate. I'll put in a picture next time. Dave and Karen will be here any minute and I need to start dinner.

Friday, March 16, 2007

House in Hucky-Tucky

Alright, done. I came to Fort Campbell area to house hunt. Done on first day. Posting this is a little early. There are a couple things, of course that could still go wrong. I put on offer on the house last night. It is about 10K under our price max which is always a plus. It is in Kentucky which in north of the post but barely it is still really close. Hucky-tucky, by the way, is the way Bug said Kentucky for a little bit. He can say it now. I walked into this house and just got that "it" feeling you know. Once I walked into the kitchen I felt even better but when I walked out of the back door and saw the view out the back and fell in love. Its still all country out there. I'm sure it won't stay that way for long but we can enjoy it while it lasts. I should be hearing back soon about our offer.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Biggest Loser for the Littlest Larm February

Febraury's winner is Kaarina at 5 lbs. Telynn also did 5 lbs but Kaarina's is a bigger percentage. Jenny did 2 lbs. And trash talking Cristtin up 4 lbs. Not to worry. The first week in March as I write this post I am already down 3 lbs.

DD Started Ice Skating

LOOK! I uploaded a picture. I took me three months but I did it. It also took two tries today and 50 minutes just to get this pictures uploaded so I expect a lot of comments from this post. Just so you know I live and breathe for comments. You would think then that I would leave more then wouldn't you? Anyway, DD started Ice Skating on Saturday. She was so happy. She has been asking for this for a year and a half. I figured she really wanted it. I always tried to get her to go to dance but she always asked for figure skating. She was awesome. She was so excited that she flailed and flied all over the place. She must have fallen at least a dozen times. Towards the end I thinks she was falling for fun. It took her awhile to realize that she needed to slow down and calm down, that crazy can come later. We have to drive to Richmond for lesson which is 45 minutes away. There were a couple times I looked back at her to see how she was doing. She didn't play with toys on the way there, she looked out the window and just grinned. Her hands folded in her lap and just bursting with excitement. I was happy for her. She has waiting very patiently for this and now she gets to become an Ice Princess. The Disney movie that started all this, by the way.