Monday, January 17, 2011


We have made it to our new duty station. The super-exciting Oklahoma town of Lawton. Its not the smallest place we have ever lived but it kind of feels that way through lack of proper shopping choices. Can you say no Target? I can't and won't get over that one. The nearest one is about 50 miles away.

But the good news, this job of Dan's is a no deployment job. A guaranteed two years home. I would live in worse places that this for that. He will have a busy job here with a little bit of travel but just a few days here or there, nothing major. And I have been able to get back to school, although I really enjoyed my break. I am taking three classes this semester and will take summer off, just because I hate summer school.

The kids are doing really good. This was the hardest move for them. Three years in Tennessee, they really got settled with their schools and friends. But like true military kids, they are adapting. They really like their new schools, I think one reason might be because they are easier than the last schools, which doesn't exactly make me happy.

We are who we are though and so far we have loved everywhere we have been, met great people, and will make the most of this state, too.

Just a few pictures from the last few months:

The kids in the Bahamas, we totally spoiled them this summer and went on a cruise. DD totally expected to be able to order personal starters and desserts at a restaurant afterward. She was so confused when I explained to her that back in the real world it doesn't work like that.

Punx, my little band geek, at his first middle school concert. He is also first trumpet.

We just got back from Utah and two weddings, here we are at the Garden on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

More to come later, I have been ignoring the kids all day so I could study.