Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is just a test to get this picture on my profile, you can just ignore.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey Lucy, I'm Home

Since all I post about is the status of my homelife here it goes. I have a home. We found a house. Yeah! Last Monday I went out on the hunt again and after letting an offer on a house in Clarksville, TN expire, they were unable to deal since they had only been in the house for about a year. On Monday I saw a house that was bigger and better than the house that we were originally buying in Kentucky. So I made an offer. Long story short- we moved in on Friday. We never cancelled the movers from the first house because of wishful thinking so we were able to just change the address of delivery and get our stuff on the day we moved in. And to complete that "it was meant to be" feeling, Dan had a four day pass that weekend and pulled up to the house about half an hour after the movers did to see his new house that I bought for him for Father's Day, especially since I had forgetten it was Father's Day and hadn't gotten him anything else. After sleeping on my 11 year old nephew's bed and in the same room as the kids for a few weeks all I was thinking about was getting the kids room's set up and getting them in their own rooms. It was like Christmas opening up these boxes after a month and a half, I tell you what. So now we are in the process of settling into the house and trying to get adjusted to life. Scouts and whatnot. I'm just so glad its summer and I don't have to rush them straight into school.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Here's one

So the Kentucky house is gone. We got the inspection report back. Nine pages later, and I panicked. The builder was starting to refuse to fix the things that showed up on the report saying that things were in code and the inspector was wrong. I couldn't take it anymore and I realized that this house was a beautiful house of cards. I couldn't fight this builder anymore. He was not about making houses just making money. Oh well. So we are looking a houses again. There was a house in Tennesee that Dan really liked so we are looking into that one. Wish us luck and

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Homeless

Sorry, everybody, no news. I still don't have a computer, or a phone number, or a home for that matter. Well, I still have my cell phone. Any there is some news, Dan started his deployment. The house is almost done. The inspection is tomorrow. The closing is set for Monday. I should be moving in on Monday. Our stuff is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. And because at least one thing seems to be falling into place, Dan has a four-day weekend that weekend so he is going to come home and be with us for that. Which will be good since there is a whole mess of stuff he needs to get from all the boxes and the gas will end up cost just as much as shipping probably would. And besides, this way Dan will actually get to see his house at least. Dan also has a big break around the 4th of July so he can come home for that also, right for Bug's birthday. Then we will go out to Kansas and see him before he leaves for Kuwait in August/Sept whenever it is that they end up sending him. All in all I am ready for my house but things are good at my sister's. She has been so great. We never could have lasted in a hotel this long. But I am ready to move on just the same, go to my ward, find my gym, and get started on the next phase of life. This limbo part of life needs to be done.