Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome and Un

Ahhh, so he is home. He got home last Thursday at a totally normal hour which is rare for the army. After all the turn-in equipment fun we were still home by 3 p.m., just enough time for Dan to crash out for a little while. A couple days of travel deserves a nap, right?

He came home just in time for Punx's tenth birthday that was on Monday. He also came home just in time for me and the boys to get a short stomach bug. A nice, 24-hour-I'm-unable-to-move-except-to-rush-to-the-bathroom kind of bug. Welcome home, that was how I spent the first full day of Dan being home. The next couple days was being weak and nauseous getting over it.

I have no pictures of the homecoming I was too busy squirming around trying to find him and point him out to the kids to actually worry about the camera.

Now he just has a light work load and he will be taking leave soon. We will be headed to TX to see some family and then going on a cruise just him and me in about a month, our first cruise. Dan promised me years ago a cruise for our tenth anniversary and instead all I got was a call from Afghanistan, so we are taking it now for our eleventh next month.

We are just trying to find the new groove, it's very strange. I had no idea how used to being alone I had become. We had a couple snow days before Dan came home, then he came home, then we were all sick, so I went like five or six days with someone always there and it was starting to make me twitchy. Also, the kids keep asking me permission for Dan to do things. Mom, can Daddy play a game with us? Mom, can Daddy watch a movie with us? It's really funny. It's an adjustment for everyone, I guess.