Sunday, May 13, 2007

Terrible News

This is the second worst news to hit the Haddox home in 2007. First -Dan is deploying to Iraq. Second - Gilmore Girls is over. Did you hear me? OVER. Here I am just getting ready for another exciting season finale and they show a commercial that says Series Finale. One week notice? That's all they give someone after devoting seven years of my life? I can't even begin to explain how distraught I am. What am I supposed to do next year? With Dan gone all I was looking forward to was Gilmore, now I have nothing. NOTHING. I have been thinking about starting a support group for anyone interested, please leave your comments below, only comments of support please. This is a time of serious bereavement. By the way, the third worst news to hit the Haddox family is that our house closing has been pushed back and we are now homeless. We are staying at my sister Jenny's house. We will be moving to lodging on Fort Campbell before long. Well, last it, I am all out of words.