Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of those days

As I am typing this with only my right hand and my left hand pinky and ring finger it will take me awhile to explain my day, especially with all this back spacing I am doing.

1. Started out easy enough. Doctor's appt. for me with Bug able to do a "Daddy Work Day." The other two did it when Dan was in the AF and now Bug is finally old enough to behave himself for a couple hours in a work environment. He was so excited to go to work.

2. I go to the Doctors to get some warts frozen, hence the gimpy typing. And some weird thing on my ankle. The doctor decided that cauterization was a better route than freezing. He burns my ankle without lidocaine and it sucked so when he asked if I wanted to do my fingers without, I decided why be a hero? I used drugs when the kids were born, I can use some now. Four needle sticks later on each side of the finger and all of a sudden I am feeling nauseous. The doctor starts asking me a question but he voice is strange, like a out of tune radio. Then I am getting dizzy but I am sitting down already. He then starts to burn the first wart, and I realize I can barely hear him at all anymore so time to speak up. "I'm feeling really dizzy and I can't really hear you." He instantly gets me on the bed and calls the nurse for some IV. He's talking to me and asking me questions but sometimes I can't answer. I thought that I held on but the doctor told me later than I was out for almost a minute. Man, I haven't passed out in almost ten years.

3. "Daddy work day" cut short by Dan having to pick me up and take me home after my IV is done. The bright side, Dan got the rest of the day off. I now have a headache and take a nap.

4. When I wake up and get up and about the kids have all written me notes and put them in the mail box for me. Notes like "One thing I love about Mom is..." The kind of things that make you love being a momma.

5. I get ready just in time for my first FRG meeting, a spouse group through Dan's work. Dan, of course, had to take me to my car at the hospital first. While at the meeting at Starbucks somehow I poured Hot Chocolate in my hair and almost reversed into one of the other women. I think I might have volunteered for some committee job, too.

6. I came home to find a whole pizza in the sink. Dan made dinner and decided to let them eat it in the basement in front of the TV, a rare treat. He opens the basement door holding the pizza on plates to find the basement completely dark. Sometimes the kids turn off the lights for spooky TV watching. He steps on the first step to find it is already occupied. While trying not to squish Innie to death he sort jumps and runs down the steps while the pizza goes flying all down the stairs and a little on the walls. Dinner was delayed to wait for the second pizza to cook. But they still got to eat downstairs.

Its only 8:30 p.m. I am exhausted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Well, we headed out to the Trunk or Treat Saturday at the Farm. Our Stake owns a farm, it is so cool. We do lots of activities there. They have a pavilion, barn, bathrooms, and tons of space. The kids had lots of fun, too much candy. Especially since Dan and I will be eating it while the kids are in bed.

The one downside, the costumes. Once again the kids wanted to be some obscure thing that no one had heard of. I didn't even know what they were talking about when they said they wanted to do people from Pucca, a Korean cartoon they like. Innie said he wanted to be Avio, DD wanted to be Pucca, and Bug was all excited to be Garu. Who? What is a Garu? What happened to the days when I knew all the words to the Dora show?

Oh right, that's what happened. I knew all the words to Blue's Clues, Dora, and way too many other things. And would find myself singing them on my own time. So I pulled back, put the parental locks on the TV to TV-PG and above so they can only watch 7 and below and took back my life.

So now here I am a little while later watching Pucca on purpose to make sketches for their costumes when I realize, I made an excellent choice. My world of news and books and "Momma shows" is just fine.

Here is a pictures of Pucca, Garu, and Avio...

Dan and I are the bad guys, the ninjas they fight all the time. I forgot to get a picture. So more pictures coming after Halloween.

But here is a link to YouTube to show you some Pucca, if you just watch the opening credits you see all the characters. The opening credits is all you need to see to get the gist of the show.


I tried and I tried to embed but I guess I am still clueless. I could not get it to work. I will remain low-tech forever.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Haiku

Sunday nap ruined
By an hourly beeping watch
Left on Daniel's wrist.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Quarter is Over

Just a quick Mom brag. First quarter just ended and both kids made honor roll. Innie made AB honor roll. DD made Principal's Honor Roll, all A's, and Perfect Attendence. We went to the awards ceremonies and the best thing was watching their faces as they realized that we were there to see them. I love that look.

I am so happy

Yesterday, Dan and I had a date. It revolved around a Hail and Farewell, that's a work function for you non-military people, but what do I care it had no kids. When it was over it was too late to see a movie, our date stand-by and besides there is nothing out right now. So we did our other standby, Home Depot. We walk around and dream about all the things that we want to do to the house. Except we have actually moved into planning phase! The other day there was a pallet sale at a tile outlet store and we bought enough tile to do the kitchen and both bathrooms for about $1500 less than it should have been. So we went to the Depot to find out about the tiling class. We are clueless about tiling but we are still determined to do it ourselves for the fun, the exasperation of it all, and, oh, its so much cheaper. Talk about saving another $1500 on installation. That is one reason I am so happy. We should get started next weekend on the tile in the kitchen.

Here's the tile...

The next reason is actually because of Wal-mart. I don't think I have ever typed or said that sentence before. We went there next to buy the last couple of things we needed for the kids costumes, Trunk or Treat tonight. And Dan decided he had to have some OJ, some sort of Flu-mist craving. So I went to the dairy just to check if maybe just maybe they might have it. Stores start carrying it in October but the Commissary had already let me down so I was nervous. But Wal-mart didn't let me down, which on some level, they almost always do which is why I try to go to Target but I needed some sewing notions and I had a gift card. Anyway, I ramble.

They had it, EGG NOG. I am not a happy holiday season type person. I get the after Halloween blues but Egg Nog is the one thing that can always brighten me up. It is that one holiday thing that comes with no expectations, just buy me and I will give you high-caloric bliss. So I did. I bought a quart, no sense in going crazy, I am still trying to lose weight. But now I can do my two favorite things, just take a glass of egg nog watered down with a little skim milk or when I really want to just let loose an Egg Nog shake, Nog mixed in with Vanilla Ice Cream. And I just happen to have Vanilla in the freezer, I love when everything aligns for my benefit.

I am so happy.

Side-note, I just spell-checked, the computer doesn't have Nog in their database but it does have Snog. Why is that?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dan's Blog

Dan and Bug were laying on the bed today and Bug informed him that, "When you get old we gotta get rid of you." Which is good for me, I have been wanted to exchanged Dan for a younger model for a while now. Bad luck for Dan though.

On an unrelated topic, Dan has been bitten by the blog bug. And the only cure is to stop reading over my shoulder and get his own. So he did. He also though it would be good for the deployment and all that. Whatever.

So his blog, if anyone is interested in checking it out it is on bloggger at bahdabeedah.

Dan has already explained his name on his first post so you have to go there to find out. Interested?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Haiku

The longest day is
Staying home on a Sunday
With three kids with coughs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy 10th Daniel. Yesterday 10 years ago Dan and I went on our first date. Training Table for dinner, then a Haunted House (my first one), and then we drove to Mount Olympus (also another first).

A few days before this I asked Dan after work if he wanted to "hang out." We went to his apartment and watch Clueless, when it was over we just kept talking, let the video rewind itself and ignored the TV for the next few hours. We talked the rest of the night. I actually mean that. I got home at 7 a.m., my roommate was not happy. She was my older sister.

Dan had a date that next night, one of about three after his mission. At work the next day he asked me what he should do on the date. I played all the sly moves. "Well, that depends on what message you want to send her. Do you like her?" His answer, "No, I didn't really mean to ask her out, I just asked if she wanted to drive together to Stake conference and she made it sound like a date." That answer satisfied me to give him some excellent advice which follows. Dan, "Should I take her to a Haunted House?" Me, "Oh no, she'll be all over you, grab your hand when she gets scared and all that." Dan, "Right, I better not do that." Me, "Right, just dinner and Stake conference, just keep it friendly and short." And he did.

The next day he asked me to go out the following Wednesday. Dan,"What would you like to do?" Me, "I've never been to a Haunted House before." Dan didn't catch on to what I had done until we had been married about three years and I told the story to a bunch of friends. And, yes, I was all over him every time I got scared.

Dan proposed two weeks later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What kids really think.

To escape the quiet jail of our house during fall break we did finally go to my sister's in KY. We had a great time by the way. See pictures below of our trip to the Nashville Zoo. It was so nice to be loud in a house again. What wasn't fun was being called home by Dan to "come take care of me, I'm sick." I am not a nice nurse. I'll do it. Make chicken noodle. Take you to the doctor. Make the bed. But it is a given that I will be cranky while I do it. No one would ever pull a Florence Nightengale syndrome on me, that's for sure. And of course, he got me sick.

Anyway, the point. What kids think. While I am at my sister's, my kids and their cousins are playing in a room and I can hear them having a kid conversation. Here's how it goes...

DD, "My Mom is 29. My Dad is 32."

9 year old nephew, "My mom is like 38."

DD, "Whoa!!"

Newphew, "My Dad is 40.

DD, "That's impossible!!"

Remember when 40 was impossible? My father was 41 when I was born so 40 was always just old not impossible. But now siblings are this age or knocking at it. To my daughter though, it is impossible. My sister and brother in law got a kick out of being a whoa and an impossible.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just to start off, Dan says some awesome things. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. This is not to embarrass him, it is for everyone to enjoy, including me. Dan is so much fun to have around. He is the classic example of speaking before you think. He never says these things with harmful intent they just sound so awful when they first come out.

So here are the top five:

5. Dan thinks that we need to give the children more chores now that they are getting older. More helping to clean the house and that sort of thing. I responded with that I understood that they should help more but it was hard as a housewife to let them since it feel like if I let them clean the house I am letting them do my job and then what do I do? His response, "Just think of all the deep cleaning that you could do."

4. Everyone who knows me knows I don't wear shorts but moving to the south has made me rethink that rule. However, I don't even have any. So one day I raided Dan's drawers looking for shorts and actually found a pair that fit. I was very excited to find a pair that fit and attributed this success to my recent weight loss. So I called Dan on the phone to crow about it, he asked, "What shorts?" I then explained the blue ones, the ones he doesn't wear often, his response, "Oh yeah, they're way too huge."

3. When we were living in the great white north we got caught in a wind storm and eventually rolled the truck into a ditch. With the truck on its side and me dangling in the air, Dan says, "Well, what do we do now?" Me, "Call 911," His response, "But its not an emergency."

2. One day Dan and I were just talking and we got to talking about DD and when she grows up. Dan started to say things like what if DD grows up and this happens and what if that happens. He was thinking about DD in junior high but didn't say he was thinking of her at this age when he says, "What if she grows up and is X lbs?" The X lbs he stated just happened to be what I weighed at the time.


1. We were in the bathroom getting ready for bed one night. I am about 7-8 months pregnant with DD. I am looking at the toilet and thinking I then say to Dan, "How do really obese people fit on toilets?" His response, "You fit just fine dear."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall Break?

I had never heard of such a thing but yet here we are enjoying fall break, sort of. I have the kids but not Dan. He is on 12 hour shift graveyards, last week and this. Man, it is not fun. Last week it wasn't so bad, just keeping Bug in the basement and quiet and Dan would wake up around the time Innie and DD got home from school. But all three quiet on vacation until 4p.m.?

And now Dan has taken to sleeping in the basement since it has no windows and is so dark and cool. He sleeps better, he has been overheating during the day since we have been in the high 80s and 90s here. ARGGH!! So now all three quiet while we are above him.

I could send them upstairs to their rooms but we don't keep toys in their rooms, the toy area, of course is in the basement. I decided to just get out of town for a few days since we only see Dan for about two hours a day anyway. So off to see my sister in KY, but my nephew now has an infection. Man alive, fall break rules. He's on antibiotics now so maybe not all is lost we still might be able to head out tomorrow or the next day.

So now we just wait and be quiet. Just knowing that Dan will go to normal work next week. And they will be going on block leave in November for like all of November before the deployment. We are not sure if Dan will be able to take all of November off, he doesn't have that much leave and with joining the unit late there is some training he needs to get caught up on. But at least two weeks, we hope.

Well, Fall Break. Never heard of it, sounded fun. Now I am not so sure. Tip-toeing around the house, getting ready for a deployment, can't go to my sister's, did I leave anything else out of my pathetic life? Any be quiet tips? I can only stay at the Y so long in the mornings.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Our First Project

When we bought our home we knew we bought a house that needed a little love. Our carpet is gross. The kitchen is awful, that is the first to go. The basement we call the Brady den, even though our house was built in 1994, we still haven't quite figured that one out. But we have started at least. You can see a little the two colors happening on my kitchen wall, the white and the tan. The tan is actually wallpaper glue that I am still working on, one slow strip at a time. The white is actually wall that I have found. The wallpaper in the kitchen is this tiny-blue flowered monstroity that I can bear to look at anymore. I have to post a picture before I tear it all down.
Anyway the point of this picture is our first mini-project down. Our laundry area. It had only one shelf, an unpainted unreachable thing for my 5 foot 4 inch frame anyway. Dan put up some shelves and I actually got to organized my cleaning products and make it look pretty. Now I can open my doors and just gaze at the prettiness. One down, we haven't counted how many to go.