Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have never been able to juggle. Once at a parent-thing at the kids school, they taught us to juggle handkerchiefs, I sort got the hang of that. I have tried to learn how to juggle quite a few times, just cannot get the hang of it.

Now to my life, there are too many balls in the air. This has been a very jugg-ly kind of summer for me and I think I have dropped a few balls. I was recently released as cub master, I have never been sad to be released from a calling before but I was very sad to lose this one. Now I am in the Primary Presidency which while less fun than scouts takes up way more time. I am still in my philosophy class, and if any ball is going to be dropped it tends to be this one, I think right now I'll be lucky to scrape an A in the class. There was a lice re-occurrence just as I started to feel better about the whole situation. DD is so sick of me treating her hair and sitting still for hours. And I couldn't be more sick of cleaning the house.

There are some stresses coming down the pipe, also. Good and alright. For fall semester I am taking my first full load, half in class and the other half online, still working toward the Dec. 2010 date. I really need to stick to that date, that is pretty much the only date I have guaranteed to still be here. Dan recently got word that he will be taking command of a company here and it is a very demanding job, about 15-18 months. The great news is that the company just got home from deployment so it looks like Dan will not be deploying the rest of the time we are here at Campbell.

I think that I will be very busy and kind of anti-social for quite a while. I think my regular posting days are on hiatus for the time being.