Monday, February 08, 2010

Bug, still going strong.

Shh, Dan thinks I'm locked in the office to study for my first Anatomy test tomorrow. Now that we are under Winter Storm Warning again, school will most likely bee cancelled and I seem to have lost my drive. I think that's going to come back and bite me.


Bug is still our comic relief around here so I wanted to share some stories. Some are months old.

We are all sitting at the dinner table, I had made roast beef for dinner and he breaks the silence with, "What the he!! is this meat?" I have no idea where he picked up that kind of language.

A few fast Sundays ago, what we call the first Sunday of the month where we fast, in Primary he comes up to me and says, "This doesn't feel like fast Sunday, it feels like slow Sunday."

We are driving in the car to scouts one night and everyone is chattering away. There is a slight lull in the conversations and Bug uses that opportunity to shout, "B00BS!" And that was all he said.

Another time to break the silence he shouted, "Shut your pie-hole!"

Bug and I have been writing out his Valentine's Day cards for his party on Friday. This week is really a wild one, so I am trying to stay on top of it. I am spelling out first names and he writes it down on the fun dip package. At the end, I spell out, c-r-i-s-t-t-i-n, and he writes it down without a thought. We have them all on the table laid out to keep from smudging when I grab mine and rip it open and start eating it. He starts to complain loudly that now he will have to write out a new one and whose did I steal. I show it to him and he says, "That is my second best friend." Oh really, and what is this friend's name, I ask? He looks at it a while and admits defeat. I ask Punx to come over and read it and he tells him its my name and he gave me that you betrayed me face. I ate the fun dip in front of him and it was gross.

You know people always say how Punx and DD look like Dan and Bug looks like me, I think he got a little more than my looks. I am half-proud/half-fearful.


Nikki said...

lol- He is so hilarious! I think it's the age too. My six year old comes up with quite the comments coupled with attitude.

Susie J. said...

That fun-dip story is the best. LOL I'm gonna have to try that on my kindergartner.

Nay said...

HAHAHA, thats too funny! What a kid! I'm glad he takes after his mommy!!

MNATTH said...

I'm so glad you blogged this. It's great to here how your/my family is doing since you are so far. I loved and laughed at this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Stories like that make me actually want to have kids. And then teach them to speak.