Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four month recap

I just started a new semester today and the thought occurred to me that I did not post throughout the entire last semester. The past four months were beyond blur-crazy.

September - Dan took command of a company here at Fort Campbell and while we understood that he was taking on a very demanding job, the understanding that I was in for it, did not quite hit home until later. Some wives will take on a job when their husbands take command as FRG leader (a spouse/family support organization) however, I decided that with school and kids that I would not be able to do the job to the level that is expected. Luckily, another spouse volunteered for the position. The day Dan took command, there was a change of command ceremony. I remember walking through a part of the work space of the company with the kids and distinctly heard the whisper, "That's the wife." I can't go into the office without a whole lotta ma'ams being thrown my way. People in Dan's company recognize me in the parking lot and will say stuff to me. It's a little unnerving, this "commander's wife" thing. I am not used to it, the thing I really get a kick out of is seeing all the deference that is paid to Dan. I am like, what? This is Dan, I could tell you guys some stories. After the ceremony, it is tradition for the new commander to provide food. So we spent a boatload of money to feed his almost 300 person company, while most people left right after the ceremony, didn't get food, and I was left with 3 massive cheese platters to take home. The neighbors all thought we were crazy as we showed up at their doors begging them to take bags of cheese. For about a week, there was cheese at every meal at our house. Next the kids finally wore me down and we got a puppy. A white short-haired chihuahua that we named Roscoe.

October - Punx got his Arrow of Light and is basically done with cub scouts. He turns eleven next month, Feb., and that's that, it makes me sad. We took vacation this year during fall break. We went to Orlando and did all the Disney Parks and spent one day at the beach. Disney has the most incredible military discount that I just did not want to pass up. Orlando in October was really hot, so we still enjoyed the water parks, but we never waited in line for anything longer than 20 minutes, and that was only a couple times. We had a really good time and the kids are a such a perfect age to have done it. Pictures later.

November - More Dan stuff. Dan started the Air Assault School in the beginning of the month. It's a lot of great Army stuff, jumping out of helicopters, sliding down ropes, and marching with 60 lbs packs. Halfway through it, Dan got a nasty flu/cold but would not give up, the second to last day, he sprained his ankle coming down a rope wrong, still did not give up. So on the last day, to finish the course is a 12-mile march with the packs, which crazy Dan did sick with a sprained ankle and got sixth place out of almost 200 soldiers. Which leads us to...

December - Dan with pneumonia. Dan spent the majority of the month in bed, barely able to move, needing help with every little thing. I learned a few things, though, I am not a good nurse, I get cranky. Dan makes a lot of noises when he is uncomfortable. And there are certain colors bodily fluids should never be, no more details to spare the innocent. But the year did end well, Dan returning to health, Christmas with family, New Years with family, and another semester down. Although I did get a B, in one of my classes.

So I am off again for another wild ride, Anatomy II and Pre-calculus. After this semester I will take a break, no summer school this year. I am looking forward to that. As of right now we still have no idea when Dan will deploy again, it could be soon to soonish. Any one's guess is as good as the next rumor. We do what everyone else does, survive today to live tomorrow.


Susie J. said...

My goodness... you ARE busy, woman! Make sure you take time in there to breathe once in a while. I don't know how you do it, with school on top of everything else. I took one little measly class in the evenings last fall, and it about wiped me out. And now, for some odd reason, I've decided to work part time for the tax season. Three weeks from now I'll be banging my head against the wall, wondering where all my common sense went... but for now I'm really loving the change of pace.

Jessica Haddox said...

Good to hear from you again! As I was finally updating my blog, I realized I hadn't seen any from you in a long time. Your regular blogs always made me feel guilty for not keeping mine up to date. I can't blame you for not having time to post while in school though. Sheesh! Was it really this much work when I was 19?! Seems I had an easier time with 21 credits back then than 12 credits now. Good luck on your new semester!

Nay said...

Hey, good to read some Haddox happenings! Busy, as usual! Sounds like everyone is doing well though! I'm proud of you for getting through school, I know it is something you want to accomplish. Sounds like Dan is excatly where he should be. Send your family our love!!