Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dipping my toe back in

I have been a little anti-technology these past months. I have spent a little too much time getting to know facebook which I now regret. I have been just trying to live and enjoy my life without worrying so much about how I was going to record it. But the truth is, I missed this. I like sharing my life.

The last seven months have seen a lot of changes in our house. Punx just started middle school, which is just weird. Although I really enjoy the "you look too young to have a kid in middle school" comments. We are preparing for our next move, which is about a month away. I have dropped out of college again, since we are moving in the middle of the semester. DD started fourth grade and Bug the second. Dan will be leaving company command at the end of this month to exchange it for a recruitment command in Oklahoma.

In June, we took a cruise with the whole family to Key West and the Bahamas. It was beyond awesome. It spoiled the kids a bit. When we went out to eat after the cruise DD started trying to order a personal appetizer, her entree, and her dessert and was very confused when I explained to her she couldn't do that. They have come back to earth but it still cracks me up what a cushy life they lead and annoys me to no end when they complain. Cruise, are you kidding me? Family vacation for me was an overnight road-trip to Utah sleeping in a van and then sleeping on the floor of my Grandmother's basement, maybe mix it up with some camping in Payson canyon.

The next month is going to be very busy for us, but I will try to get some pictures posted, at least. I make no promises on consistency but I am going to try and be a more active poster.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Welcome back! I love your posts. I should be your Facebook friend though.

Nikki said...

I will admit it here. I am anti-Facebook. It boggles me how much personal and identifying information people put on there. One other reason, I'm afraid if I tried it out, I'd get addicted to it. A blog-addiction takes up enough of my time.

I am SO HAPPY you are back. Even if that means occasionally. I have missed you. tremendously.

MNATTH said...

I was very happy to see you post! I'm glad you didn't desert blogging. I love reading your blog. Good luck with your move. I'm sure that no matter how much you do still sucks. I'm always thinking of you guys. We love you!!

The Schooley's said...

yay for your cruise!! I have a love hate relationship with Fb. Good luck with the move!! Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!